Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Military Pulsar battery change...

Look like its time again for battery change. This time its the Pulsars that require battery change. The good thing or bad... is all the three require their battery changed at the same time. 

Please note this is not a step by step instruction on how to change the battery. I would suggest you send your watches to a proper service center if you want to change the battery.

The new batteries. These are from Seiko. I don't mind using these as replacement for the Renata batteries. 

The old Renata battery and the new one.

The back of the watches. One of the watches have had its military markings removed to civilianize the watch. Please note that the serial numbers have been photoshopped out. 

The old batteries have been removed. Please be careful with the Teflon or plastic gaskets. Also do not use metal tweezers to remove the batteries.

The inside of the case back is marked S. Epson Hong Kong. :) Note that not all the watches have this marked on the inside of the case back. 

The movement is also from S. Epson.

Batteries installed. Check the watch is working before installing the case back. The car back is the snap back type. 

All done.