Thursday, March 31, 2016


A new watch company (well not really new) with an interesting concept...

This is their introduction about themselves...

"Undone is a team of experienced watch design veterans and craftsmen.

As a group of challengers and innovators, we are enabling everyone to create watches that reflects their individuality. 

Every Undone watch is a unique message, something important that deserves to be on your wrist everyday.

Be part of the movement to create watches that represents you, because individuality matters!"

Yes, you can create (basically) your own watch. How is that for something different. You can personalize the watch case, the bezel, the dial and even the hands. They even offer a choice of leather or rubber straps. You can even personalize the case back with your own artwork, photographs or message. Best of all, all these customization are carried out in their own atelier. 

And if you don't really want to customize.. they offer ready made watches. 

Some of their offerings...

Photographs: Undone

For more information:

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

You find the strangest things....

I was walking around the wet market near my place when I came across this mum and pop watch shop. Did not expect much.. the usual stuff, Casio, Seiko, Citizen...

Boy, was I in for a surprise...

Hulk.... nuff said...

Outlet Malls...

In the past few days, I have been guilty of Outlet mall crawling. Not to say that there are many here to crawl... I only found two. So what can we find in the malls in terms of watches? Well...

Mitsui Outlet Mall..

In Mitsui, I found 4 shops...


Casio G-Shock Factory.


And LUXE, which is part of the Formosa Watch Group.

And in the other Outlet mall, Gloria Outlet Mall..

I found... 3 shops...

Ice Watch. Not really a shop..


And Hengdeli.

Not really places to go to shop for watches, unless you are after a bargain on old stock and past seasons models....

SIHH and BASEL 2016

Now that both the major exhibitions are over, we can take a deep breath and a step back and slowly go over what were released....

Stay tuned...


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Tudor Black Bay Bronze and.....

It looks like the Tudor Black Bay Bronze is a sure thing what with the number of photographs appearing on the Internet and also this from Tudor Watch Instagram page...

The watch is 43mm in diameter, 2mm larger then the current Black Bay models. Gone is the 'smiling' face legends at 6 and the Rose logo. A new dial. And best of all, the watch is powered by Tudor in-house movement. 

But today, Tudor gave us a curve ball. How? Well....

Tudor Black Bay Black PVD. 

A real curve ball indeed. The watch is 41mm, powered by Tudor in-house movement (likely) and like the bronze, it no longer spots the Rose logo and the smiling face. Unlike the bronze it does not have the new 3,6,9 dial but the dial of the current model. It does not have the gilt dial of the Black Bay Black and the depth rating is in red. Nice touch. 

So with the introduction of the bronze and the PVD, where or what will happen to the current collection?

Photographs: Tudor

We can only wait and see. Will the current models be fitted with Tudor in-house movement? Will they be discontinued? Will they be retrofitted with the new dials? Time will tell....

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


A beautiful watch that we will get to see in Basel 2016...

Gold, platinum, stainless steel and… Well, just gold, platinum and stainless steel. Collectors of ultra high-end watches rarely deviate from these traditional case materials when choosing the next addition to their timepiece collection.

Titanium? For all its merits – strength, lightness and biocompatibility – this material is more often associated with tool, sport or avant-garde watches, rather than exquisite dress timepieces. Ultra high-end collectors just don’t seem to go for titanium.

At least, those were the thoughts running through Romain Gauthier’s head when he had the idea for Logical One Natural Titanium.

“In my experience, most ultra high-end collectors enjoy their timepieces in gold, platinum or steel,” says Gauthier. “Titanium is still a step too far for many."

He continues: “I respect that but I believe that in time high-end collectors will move over and eventually won’t think twice about acquiring an haute horlogerie timepiece in titanium. For Logical One Natural Titanium, my instinct was ‘build it, and they shall come’.

“Personally, I really wanted to see Logical One Natural Titanium become a reality, not least because I think Logical One and natural titanium were made to go together.”

A paragon of fine Swiss watchmaking, Logical One is Romain Gauthier’s Grand Prix de Genève-winning creation that contains a revolutionary snail cam and friction-minimising ruby-link chain, plus sapphire-lined mainspring barrel, to offer nearly two days of constant force – the holy grail of precision watchmaking.

Its beautifully hand-decorated, in-house movement can be admired dial side and through the display back, and is wound using an ergonomic winding pusher integrated into the caseband.

It features hours and minutes on an off-centre subdial, small seconds, and a 46-hour power reserve indicator on the back.

Part of Logical One Natural Titanium’s splendour lies in the contrasts created by the various finishes applied to the case and movement: light and dark, polished and satin-finished.

The mainplate, mainspring barrel bridge and lower bridge for the constant force mechanism bear a deep anthracite ADLC finish.

Yet, the balance bridge, escape wheel bridge and power reserve indicator bridge are in a bright palladium-treated brass that brings out the fine hand-finishing of these parts.

Likewise, the upper ‘bar’ bridge for the constant force system is in light-hued natural titanium.

As for the titanium case, the lugs, bezel, caseback, pusher and time-setting crown are satin-finished, creating a gentle sheen that forms a fine counterpoint to the gleaming caseband, which has been highly polished.

The alligator leather strap is in casual matte black with light grey stitching.

The result is a real high-end collector’s timepiece, yet one boasting all the advantages of titanium: Its robustness makes for a durable case; its light weight provides an eminently comfortable wear; its biocompatibility means those with nickel allergy need not worry.

Photographs: Romain Gauthier

And on the wrist, it makes a real visual statement. There is a hint of casualness, a soupçon of sportiness, but not quite overpowering enough to eclipse its credentials as an exquisite dress timepiece.

Logical One Natural Titanium is available with oven-fired white enamel dial with flame-blued steel hands (pictured), oven-fired black enamel dial with 18k gold hands, or black clous de Paris dial with 18k gold hands.

For more information:

Watch photography

Some watch photography....

Learning how to use stuff for background...

Some black and white effect...

Should export at higher quality....

Batman v Superman

As we approach the release of one of the most anticipated movie of the year, Batman v Superman, Police Watch has released a pair of watches to commemorate the event. 

I understand it is a Limited Edition run of only 2,400 pieces (each?).

Photographs: Police

The watch is large at 52mm and is powered by a quartz movement. It is water resistant to 5 ATM. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

A very tempting proposition...

One of the dial layouts that I like but never had is a regulator. I have considered getting one many a times but somehow....

Now the reason not to get one is getting harder and harder more so with the introduction of the Tissot Le Locle Regulator. A regulator for less then USD1,000. 

The watch will feature a regulator type dial, a large central minutes hand and sub dials for the hours and minutes. The Tissot layout places the hours at 12 and the seconds at 6. The date complication will appear at 9. 

The watch comes in at 39mm, rated to 3ATM and features an automatic movement. 

A number of options are available.

This I like, stainless steel with black dial.

Photographs: Tissot.

The watch is expected to retail mid 2016. 

Something from the past...

The photograph says it all...

Photograph: shamelessly borrowed from the Internet

The Merdeka Tournament is 

From Wikipedia..

"is a football tournament held in Malaysia to honour the Independence Day. The competition is named after the Malay word for independence."

In 1958, Malaysia, then Malaya won the tournament. 

Tungku is of course Tungku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia's first Prime Minister.