Saturday, March 30, 2019

The Computron is back....

One of the more interesting releases in Basel 2019 is from Bulova. Bulova have decided to reissue the Computron. If I remember correctly, the Computron watches were released in the 70s and this particular reissue is based in the model released in 1976. 


I remember this watch as I liked the watch. The design of the watch is interesting as it is called the Driver's watch. The watch is design such that when worn, you don't have to twist the watch to show the time. You can see the watch from the display at the bottom of the case. How cool is that. 

I also like the fact that the reissue is a full digital LED watch. The watch will come in 3 different colours, gold-plated with red LED, silver stainless steel with blue LED and black (plated?) stainless steel with red LED. 

Photographs: Bulova

The reissue retains the original trapezoidal case and the angled LED display. And best of all, Bulova have seen it fit to upgrade the functions of the watch. The original had the time and date display (cycled via the button at the side), while the new one will have a dual time complication and the month/ date/ day/ seconds complication (again accessed via the button at the right side of the case).

The watch will be available from Autumn 2019 and starts from USD295 to USD395. 

I have to say I am pretty tempted to get one.....

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Lume shot...

I am still loving this lume shot...

The watch?

Tudor reference 76200-62480 Prince Date-Day. It would be great to  see Tudor  (or Rolex) release this dial  design  again perhaps on the 39mm watch (the Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 would be a great choice).

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Green or blue?

I like both...

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Seiko Monster 2019..

Seiko released two new Seiko Monsters at Basel 2019 and it looks like the Seiko Monsters will be making a return to the world market (I hope) and not a Thailand or Japan only edition. The monsters are the Seiko SRPD25K1 and SRPD27K1.

Photograph: Kronometer

These are the two new Seiko Monsters. However it is unclear if these will be Gen4 monsters or a completely new line. Gen3 monsters is powered by the 6R movement.

Photograph: Seiko

Both the watches will be powered by the Seiko 4R36 movement featuring the day date complication. The crystal is Hardlex with the magnifier over the day date window. The watch features a new design hour hand and Ecru lume. The bracelet is new as well and it now have the end links. The rubber strap is also new. 

The watches is expected in July and cost around the USD550 mark.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Panerai new Submersible Bronzo

Panerai continues its tradition of releasing new watches in the year, other then those released in SIHH 2019. Panerai have released a new bronze watch in the Submersible Bronzo reference PAM00968. I have to say this is (to me) the best looking bronze watch Panerai have issued thus far. 

And the best news is, this watch is not a Limited Edition or Special Edition. Nice.

The PAM00968.

The back of the watch.

The watch comes in at 47mm and is powered by Panerai in-house caliber P.9010. You can find out more about the watch here:

In total Panerai have issued 4 other bronze watches in the past and they were all Limited and Special Edition models. 

The first bronze watch from Panerai, the PAM00382. 1,000 pieces.

The second bronze model the PAM00507. 1,000 pieces.

The third model, the PAM00671. 1,000 pieces.

PAM00907. A special edition of 1 watch. 

Photographs: Panerai

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Bracelet adjustment

The Tudor Heritage Chrono is one of the watches from Tudor that I really like. And I have to say one of the best reissue from Tudor. I had one, the same one as the watch below. I like the black dial version as compared to the more popular gray version. 

Most people know of the Tudor Monte Carlo Home Plate from the advertisement below and hence the popularity of the gray dial Heritage Chrono. 

Photograph: Shamelessly borrowed from the Internet

Most people are unaware that there was a black dial version. But this is where it gets interesting. Tudor folklore says that there were less then a dozen black dial 7031/7032/7033 (7033 being a prototype) issued and there are some who believe that the black dial is a service dial. 

Photograph: Tudor

The 7033. It was never issued and is the base on which the Heritage Chrono is based on.

Anyway on to the topic of this post. The owner of the watch needed to add a link to the bracelet. So I helped him.

The watch, ready for adjustment. Note the link is at its most extreme pint on the clasp. There is no more adjustment to be had. 

The extra links.

Make sure you choose the right screwdriver. Make sure the blade is not too thin or fat. 

Unscrew the link retaining screw.

Don't lose the screw.

The new (old?) link. :)

Reattach all the links and fasten the screws. You can put tape on the edge of the links to prevent damage in case the screw driver slips.

All done. Now on to the last step. Adjusting the overall length of the bracelet.

Disconnect the bracelet from the clasp and put it into the first adjustment hole. 

The adjustment is all done and the owner is happy.

And we are all done.

I like the attention to detail that Tudor put into the watch. You can see the dimple on the tip of the spring bars. This prevents the tool from slipping and damaging the clasp.

Watch spotting...

Spotted this watch in the latest episode of The Grand Tour....

Omega Planet Ocean Gen 1 in orange on the wrist of The Grand Tour resident WIS...

Closer view..

Photographs: screenshot from The Grand Tour

Captain Slow has been seen wearing this watch before in Top Gear as far back as 2010. Have to say it is a nice watch.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Oris LIMA Limited Edition Watch

I had the opportunity to be involved in the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace exhibition (LIMA) when I was working. I was involved for a number of times and I have to say it is a fun event to both attend and exhibit. 

However this is the first time I have seen a watch company being one of the sponsors of the event. And I have to say it is great that Oris (a brand I like very much) is the Official Timekeeper of the event.

LIMA will be held from the 26th to 30th March at the Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre (MIEC) and Resorts World, Langkawi. 

From the Oris...

As the Official Timekeeper of the 15th Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace exhibition (LIMA), Oris is proud to introduce the Oris LIMA Limited Edition, a high-performance pilot's watch. It's based on the independent Swiss company's flagship pilot's watch, the Oris Big Crown ProPilot, and has been designed to be as functional and legible as possible.

It's 45mm stainless steel case, oversized crown and signature fluted bezel are coated in gunmetal grey PVD, a hardwearing matte finish designed to offset cockpit glare. The LIMA logo sits at 9 o'clock, signaling the partnership between Oris and the exhibition. The colour of the tip of the central seconds hand matches LIMA's colour.

The Oris LIMA Limited Edition is limited to 500 pieces.

Ref Number: 01 752 7698 4224-07 3 22 01GFC

Retail selling price: RM 8,800 limited to 500 pieces.

For more information:

Photographs: Oris

Friday, March 15, 2019


Recently I was very fortunate to be able to cross out an item from my to-do list (of many many things). What was the item? Well, I was very fortunate to be able to attend, listen and talk to an astronaut. 

The astronaut I met was Dr. Leroy Chiao. You can read about him here:

and here:

After his presentation, I managed to have short talk with him about watches in space. He actually has a blog entry on his blog on watches.

Interesting to see what watch he had on his wrist. 

From his blog entry and pictures of him from the NASA and the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center archives, you can see that his favorite watch (and some say his trademark watch) is a Rolex GMT-Master on a Jubilee bracelet.

Dr. Leroy on his way for the launch into space. You can clearly see his Rolex.

Photographs: Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center

Not sure where he is in this photograph.

Dr. Leroy in the space shuttle Columbia.

Photograph: NASA

Dr. Leroy wore his Rolex on 4 missions:

Columbia (July 1994) 
Endeavour (January 1996)
Discovery (October 2000)
Soyuz Expedition X leader on the ISS (192 days)

He was in space for a total of 229 Days and 8 hours. I believe that is the longest a Rolex have been in space. 

Dr. Leroy also did 6 EVA (Extra-Vehicular Activity) and you can see the photographs of him doing the EVA.

Photograph: Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center

Photograph: NASA

It was interesting to see that he was not wearing any watch during the EVA. I asked him about it and he said he did not wear any watch while doing EVA and a number of astronauts he knew also did not wear any watches while doing the EVA as they were in constant contact with someone and if they need to know the time, just ask.

A closer look at Dr. Leroy Rolex GMT-Master. 


Sadly I don't know if the watch is reference 16750 or 16700.

Anyway, it was just awesome to be able to meet him. 

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Watch spotting...

I was watching this on youtube and it was interesting to see what Nico Rosberg (former F1 Champion) was wearing. I do know he is a Rolex ambassador but I think the watch he was wearing is his personal one. 

Stills taken from the show...

You can see he is wearing the white dial Rolex Daytona.

Nico with Mate Rimac (of Rimac Automobili)

Photograph: Rolex

Perhaps he was influenced by this man. :)

Or it could be due to Rolex and the Daytona  long history with motor racing.

More pictures of Nico with his Rolex watches.

Looks like he has the Hulk as well. 

Photographs: Nico Rosberg

And of course he has this watch... 

Photograph: Revolution Magazine