Saturday, March 30, 2019

The Computron is back....

One of the more interesting releases in Basel 2019 is from Bulova. Bulova have decided to reissue the Computron. If I remember correctly, the Computron watches were released in the 70s and this particular reissue is based in the model released in 1976. 


I remember this watch as I liked the watch. The design of the watch is interesting as it is called the Driver's watch. The watch is design such that when worn, you don't have to twist the watch to show the time. You can see the watch from the display at the bottom of the case. How cool is that. 

I also like the fact that the reissue is a full digital LED watch. The watch will come in 3 different colours, gold-plated with red LED, silver stainless steel with blue LED and black (plated?) stainless steel with red LED. 

Photographs: Bulova

The reissue retains the original trapezoidal case and the angled LED display. And best of all, Bulova have seen it fit to upgrade the functions of the watch. The original had the time and date display (cycled via the button at the side), while the new one will have a dual time complication and the month/ date/ day/ seconds complication (again accessed via the button at the right side of the case).

The watch will be available from Autumn 2019 and starts from USD295 to USD395. 

I have to say I am pretty tempted to get one.....

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