Monday, February 29, 2016

A Leap Year Complication from BOVET 1822: The Virtuoso VII Retrograde Perpetual Calendar

The VIRTUOSO VII Retrograde Perpetual Calendar exemplifies the culmination of the unparalleled expertise that has driven Bovet’s workshops for almost two centuries. The Virtuoso II specialty Caliber that equips this timepiece is an in-house movement now found throughout the Maison’s collections. It was adapted to the functions of the Amadeo® convertible case and is capable of displaying hours, minutes, seconds and any conceivable complication simultaneously on its two faces.

Photograph: Bovet 1822

The perpetual calendar complication is highly sought after by collectors by virtue of its complexity and the ever-useful information it provides: day, date, month and the leap year cycle integrated into the perpetual calendar that provides accuracy requiring no adjustments for 400 years.

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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Seiko bracelet adjustment...

This is my Seiko SRP311 bracelet adjustment. The most important thing to note is the small collar that locks the pin in place. Lose that and its difficult to get a replacement.

The Seiko SRP311.

First disconnect the bracelet from the clasp. 

Don't lose the spring bar. 

Its actually easy to push out the pin from the locking collar. The locking collar is that small thing that you see in the picture below. Don't lose the collar. 

The bracelet disconnected. You will need to remove another link to shorten the bracelet. 

Another link removed. The rebuild is the opposite. The main thing to remember or note is that you will need to push the collar a tad into the link to fully lock the pin in the link. Use the other pin, the head side (the larger side) to push the locking collar fully into the link to lock the pin. You don't need a hammer for this, but it helps. 

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Seiko diver...

I started my adventure in collecting Seiko diver watches with the Seiko SKX007. During those days, it was between the Seiko SKX007 or the SKX009. I played safe and went with the SKX007, with its black bezel and black dial. Easier to match I guess...

The Seiko SKX007.

However, every time I met up with one of my bosses (back then), a tinge of regret would develop as I saw his SKX009. He was a diver and only wore that watch. 

I wanted to get one, but some how along the way, I got distracted. The Seiko Monsters were introduced and it became the standard diver's watch. I got the Orange Monster and some how the SKX009 got placed at the back, way down the list of watches I liked and wanted to get. 

But it was always there, bugging me. Alas, the SKX009 was getting more and more difficult to find. Shops don't carry it and slowly it faded from view. 

All that changed recently. My kids wanted to get some stationary and as luck would have it, there was parking in front of the book shop (if you lived in Taiwan, you will know that parking is a luxury). I always wanted to go to an old watch shop around the corner from the book shop but never got around to doing it. 

Since I had parking, I went. I looked around the shop. Boy, was it old... I looked from the outside and was deciding to go in or not. I thought since I was here, might as well. 

How old is the shop? Well, the display cabinet was covered with a thin layer of dust. The watches inside the display were covered with the same thin layer of dust. 

Then from a corner of the shop, could my eyes be playing trick on me? A SKX009? Really? Closer look needed. 

The SKX009.

And with the 'Jubilee' bracelet. Perfect combination. I had to have it. Asked about it and ...

As happy as one could be...

The pair...

It's complete. What more could I ask for? A SKX009J1 perhaps? That would be asking too much...

Showed my latest acquisition to my friends and this was his response...

Photograph: Alex

Sigh... SKX009J1, in Japan. 

Anyway I am happy with my latest catch. Very happy indeed....

Friday, February 26, 2016

Lume shot

Oh what could it be? All to be revealed soon....

Tag Battery change....

It looks it is time again... my wife first luxury watch, her Tag Heuer is showing EOL (End Of Life)... Time for battery change. 

Tag EOL, the sweep seconds hand move once every 4 seconds...

Normally I would change the battery myself, but with failing sight... Time for the experts to take over. Off to my friendly neighborhood watch guy. Yes, I have a new one, well basically the old shop, but new owners. 

The watch ready for battery change.

With the expert. Removing the case back.

Case back removal. 

Battery and battery spacer removal.

Testing the battery. Just to make sure it is the battery and not the movement. Something I cannot do if I change the battery myself. 

New battery installed.

All done in less then 5 minutes. Gasket lubricated, battery changed, insides cleaned. What more can I ask for.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Radiant Rose for Mother’s Day: 
Pathos Rose Gold by Carl F. Bucherer

Every day a mother gives of herself, completely. Mother’s Day offers an opportunity to present a gift of thanks for her selfless dedication and motherly affection. The Pathos Diva Rose Gold from Carl F. Bucherer makes a feminine, timeless gift that will never fade.

Photograph: Carl F. Bucherer

The Pathos Diva Rose gold glows in flattering and radiant rose gold. The elegant round dial acts as the perfect frame for the interplay of light and shadow which streams through the pierced design of the Pathos’ signature filigree halo. The rose gold Pathos models are delightfully diverse; the Pathos aureole comes in two different versions, with a wave design or filigree grid. The exquisite dial excites in precious, scintillating mother of pearl or with delicate ornamentation on pure white. The case shines in clear rose gold or with sparkling diamonds. The Pathos Diva Rose Gold by Carl F. Bucherer stands out as a timeless gift for any mother on Mother’s Day.

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BOVET & Ilgiz F. Illuminate the Kremlin Museum with Unique Exhibition of Enamel Paintings

At the dawn of the 19th century, Edouard Bovet took the decorative arts – and miniature enameling in particular – to new heights and in the process established the new standards of Swiss watchmaking. In accordance with the conventions of the time, he employed the best watchmakers in the Val-de-Travers region and entrusted the case decoration to the enamellers whose workshops were located in Geneva. The greatest artists of this golden age continue to contribute today to the reputation of BOVET 1822 timepieces.

Today, Pascal Raffy, the owner of BOVET 1822 and the Dimier 1738 Manufacture, is once again asserting his desire to safeguard and perpetuate the traditional decorative arts of watchmaking consistent with the noblest expression of time. He has naturally insisted on employing the same working methods, the same techniques and the same rigor as his illustrious predecessors in this new collection, which has undeniably redefined the very concept of excellence. This feat is all the more impressive given that the diameters of today’s timepieces are smaller than those of 19th century pocket watches. It is these shared values for uniqueness and passion for fine art that have brought together Mr. Raffy and Ilgiz Fazulzyanov.

Specialists designate Ilgiz as the heir of the most illustrious enamellers in history, on a level with Lissignol, Richter, Liotard or even Huaut. Moreover, many on this non-exhaustive list of artists have also established the reputation of enamellers who have collaborated with the House of BOVET in the 19th century.

In addition to mastering the mind-blowing technical and artistic know-how necessary to execute miniature painting in “grand feu” enamel, Ilgiz Fazulzyanov is also one of the most well-known creative jewelers of his generation. The exclusive collection of timepieces that BOVET 1822 and Ilgiz F. are unveiling will therefore not take the specialists and collectors by surprise as it is of the same essence as the historical pocket watches made by the BOVET brothers in the 19th century. The first accomplishments of this partnership focus around two themes: for the men’s timepieces, The Horsemen of the Apocalypse and for the women’s timepieces the inspiration comes from natural floral themes.

Ilgiz F.’s exceptional talent in all disciplines and techniques of jewelry, combined with the excellency that characterizes the BOVET timepieces reaches such heights that the Kremlin has decided to open its doors for a unique exhibit. He is therefore the first jeweler to be invited at the Kremlin Museum since Pierre- Karl FabergĂ© in 1917 and some of the BOVET timepieces arising from this partnership will be exhibited.

Opening March 31st and running through July 31st 2016, this unique exhibit demonstrates how much the watchmaking arts are present in the history of art and their universal characters. The first page of history of the House of BOVET was written when in 1818 Edouard BOVET sold four pocket watches to the Emperor of China who became a devoted collector. It is this extraordinary heritage that links the rooms of the Forbidden City to the vastness of the Kremlin, which summarizes this exhibit. An open view on the future ensures an unrivalled know-how for the most noble expression of time.

Photographs: Bovet 1822

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Seiko SRP311J1 ....

Some watch photography with the Leica T and Canon Close up lens and the D-Lux 109...

18mm with Canon Close up lens..

23mm with Canon Close up lens..

56mm with Canon close up lens...

The D-Lux 109 on Macro mode...


Have to say that a well made watch helps....