Saturday, February 27, 2016

Seiko diver...

I started my adventure in collecting Seiko diver watches with the Seiko SKX007. During those days, it was between the Seiko SKX007 or the SKX009. I played safe and went with the SKX007, with its black bezel and black dial. Easier to match I guess...

The Seiko SKX007.

However, every time I met up with one of my bosses (back then), a tinge of regret would develop as I saw his SKX009. He was a diver and only wore that watch. 

I wanted to get one, but some how along the way, I got distracted. The Seiko Monsters were introduced and it became the standard diver's watch. I got the Orange Monster and some how the SKX009 got placed at the back, way down the list of watches I liked and wanted to get. 

But it was always there, bugging me. Alas, the SKX009 was getting more and more difficult to find. Shops don't carry it and slowly it faded from view. 

All that changed recently. My kids wanted to get some stationary and as luck would have it, there was parking in front of the book shop (if you lived in Taiwan, you will know that parking is a luxury). I always wanted to go to an old watch shop around the corner from the book shop but never got around to doing it. 

Since I had parking, I went. I looked around the shop. Boy, was it old... I looked from the outside and was deciding to go in or not. I thought since I was here, might as well. 

How old is the shop? Well, the display cabinet was covered with a thin layer of dust. The watches inside the display were covered with the same thin layer of dust. 

Then from a corner of the shop, could my eyes be playing trick on me? A SKX009? Really? Closer look needed. 

The SKX009.

And with the 'Jubilee' bracelet. Perfect combination. I had to have it. Asked about it and ...

As happy as one could be...

The pair...

It's complete. What more could I ask for? A SKX009J1 perhaps? That would be asking too much...

Showed my latest acquisition to my friends and this was his response...

Photograph: Alex

Sigh... SKX009J1, in Japan. 

Anyway I am happy with my latest catch. Very happy indeed....


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