Sunday, August 31, 2014

Watches and guns

So, would you use your watch in a shooting range? Would the recoil and vibrations associated with firing a gun have an impact on a watch? 

This is James May. He is one of the host of the popular car show called Top Gear. This is him in his latest documentary, "James May's Cars of the People". In this screen shot, you can see that he is wearing, what I believe, to be a Rolex Milgauss. 

And this is him again holding a British Rifle, an Enfield. He is seen wearing the same watch. Yes, the watch is on his left hand and would likely not be subjected to much vibration and recoil.

Well, this is not James May, but another guy in the show using an AK-47. He is wearing a watch on his right hand and it would be subjected to the vibrations and recoil associated with shooting. 

A closer view of the watch. 

Looks like some sort of Rolex (?).

Looks like this guy is pretty confident that there would not be an impact to the watch. He is so confident, he went on to this. 

A machine gun. 

So, I guess, based on these screen shots, it is safe (?) to wear your watch while firing a gun, or rifle, or something more devastating. 

How about this?

James May and watches

A couple of interesting videos featuring James May (of Top Gear Fame). I find them interesting... I believe it is for a programme called Head Squeeze.


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Further adventures of the Polar....


Not really as the watch was serviced about 2 years ago. Was there to collect another Rolex for a good friend. :)

In an attempt to change the look of the polar... 

New shoes...

The gap between the case and the spring bars is actually very narrow. It caused the strap to scrape with the case, note the long scratch mark on the strap. 

I guess not...

Makara Sea Turtle

Makara is happy to finally reveal the design of the Sea Turtle, and the Hawksbill Sea Turtle.

The Hawksbill Sea Turtle. 

You've probably already seen a few teaser pictures posted on Facebook, Instagram, or WUS, but today you finally get to see the whole watch.

The 2 models share the same CuSn8 Bronze case & crown, double-domed Sapphire crystal, and Seiko NH35 automatic movement.

The Sea Turtle.

What's the difference then? The dial and hands.

The Sea Turtle has a classic diver dial, with an arrow hour hand.

The Hawksbill has a dressier dial, with raised markers, and fence post style hands.

Photographs: Makara

The watches (at pre-order) is expected to cost below USD 300.

For more information:

Time Capsule Canvas

I picked this up recently to transport my watches for service. What an excuse to get one. Anyway I got one from WotanCraft and it is a great watch case to carry one watch. Here is a short review of the case. 

The case that I got is this one, in red, reference SAC-004R. There are at the moment 2 colours, red and green. They are working on a leather version. 

The capsule is made of canvas with a rubber base. I have to say that it is well made and is very light and robust. 

It is a clamshell design and works well. I guess since it works for a clam, it should work for the case. The depression on the centre of the case works to reinforce the case.

The black marks you see along the edge is not wear but the rubber base showing thru. 

The bottom. 

There are a couple of nice touches in the design...

The Flottigilia MAS crest on the top of the case. 

The Wotanraft signed zipper. 

The inside of the case is well made and sufficiently padded. The material is soft and there is no shape edges. Your watch would not get scratched in the case. 

The crest is riveted to the case and the rivets ends are rounded nicely and again, no rough edge to scratch the watch. 

I tried the case with a number of watches and they sit well inside the case. It is designed with a small hump both on the lower and upper lids to hold the watch snug in place. 

40mm watch in place.

47mm watch in place. 

The watch case closed with the watch held snug. No rattle when closed. Nice. 

It is a well made watch case, light and simple. I like it. 

For more information:

Friday, August 29, 2014

Magrette Dual Time Watch

Magrette will be introducing a new watch in the Magrette Dual Time. The new Dual Time features a new 42mm (without crowns) size case, allowing more people to enjoy wearing this eloquent looking watch than before.

The inner bezel ring can be adjusted by the upper crown to act as second time zone. A feature that is very functional for the frequent traveller or people with business partners in another time zone.

The watch comes in 4 different color combinations, all limited to 500 pieces worldwide. The stainless steel versions have a brushed case with polished bezel. The black PVD versions look matte because of the bead blasted finish of the stainless steel beneath.

The dials are made of two discs on top of each other with cut-outs for the indices and date, often referred to as a "sandwich-dial". Super Luminova (C3 greenish and Vintage radium color) will ensure visibility in dark conditions.

The back side shows an engraving of the Frigatebird. A bird that also appears on ancient polynesian star compass maps for navigation.

The Frigatebird, with a wingspan that can reach 2-3 meters, is known to stay in the air for up to a week, feeding itself by snatching prey from the sea surface. A great symbol for exploration and freedom, the spirit of this watch in a nutshell.

Photographs: Magrette

The engine of this timepiece is a self-winding movement with hacking feature (MIYOTA 9015). It is reliable and accurate and is a very durable movement. This movement is positioned between the well known ETA 2824 and more luxurious 2892 movements.

This is all packaged together in our new signature case.

 Completion date is expected to be January 2015.






Automatic winding and hand winding
28.800 BPH
24 Jewels
Hour, minute and sweeping second hands
Second stop mode (hacking function) when setting time
Shock absorber for balance staff

Running time of more than 42 hours when fully wound

For more information:

Panerai Service...

So begins the season to service my Panerai watches. The first two have gone in today...

The first batch, PAM00003B and PAM00024C. One Luminova and the other Tritium. 

There have been many comments on Panerai Service, both good and bad. Thus far, my personal experience has been good. I sent my watches in via the Panerai Boutique at Breeze Center, Taipei (I believe this is a Panerai owned boutique). Service has been very very good. Best thus far, and I have been to a couple of Panerai Boutiques. 

So far the time quoted is between 30 to 45 working days, working out too between 6 to 8 weeks. No cost as yet as they need the technician at the service centre to have a look and give a quote. They will then update me. 

Once these are completed and I am happy with their work, the next batch will go in. These to go... 


Then a break before the rest is due. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Watches & Wonders

Hong Kong will again play host to the Watches&Wonders, The Haute Horlogerie Exhibition in Asia. I believe this is the exhibition's second year. The event will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center (HKCEC), 1 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.

The Official Opening dates and time:

Tuesday 30 Sept to Thursday 2 Oct 2014, 0900 to 1800 Hours. 

Thirteen Fine Watch Maisons will exhibit their latest collections and perhaps even some new releases. The brands that will be on display are:

A. Lange&Sohne
Audemars Piguet
IWC Schaffausen
Richard Mille
Roger Dubuis
Vacheron Constantin
Van Cleef&Arpels

Photograph: Watches&Wonder

For more information:

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Panerai PAM24C

Looks like it is the season of servicing. I guess it is time... This time, it is my Panerai PAM00024C. Yes, this watch is from the year 2000, so with no service history, I guess it is time for it to go in. It has been 14 years. Yes, I got the watch pre-loved.

Another reason for it to go in.... Do you see it? 

A closer view... Note the spot or bubble that seems to have developed on the cyclops. Not sure if it is between the crystal and the cyclops or on the cyclops. 

Anyway, will have to insist on no dial, hands and bezel change. Why? Patina as it is a watch with tritium markers and hands. :)