Sunday, August 31, 2014

Watches and guns

So, would you use your watch in a shooting range? Would the recoil and vibrations associated with firing a gun have an impact on a watch? 

This is James May. He is one of the host of the popular car show called Top Gear. This is him in his latest documentary, "James May's Cars of the People". In this screen shot, you can see that he is wearing, what I believe, to be a Rolex Milgauss. 

And this is him again holding a British Rifle, an Enfield. He is seen wearing the same watch. Yes, the watch is on his left hand and would likely not be subjected to much vibration and recoil.

Well, this is not James May, but another guy in the show using an AK-47. He is wearing a watch on his right hand and it would be subjected to the vibrations and recoil associated with shooting. 

A closer view of the watch. 

Looks like some sort of Rolex (?).

Looks like this guy is pretty confident that there would not be an impact to the watch. He is so confident, he went on to this. 

A machine gun. 

So, I guess, based on these screen shots, it is safe (?) to wear your watch while firing a gun, or rifle, or something more devastating. 

How about this?

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