Saturday, August 17, 2019

What started out as a planned battery change...

The battery change season continues. This one ended up a bit different. The is my DW-6900 and it looks like it needs a bit more tender loving care then a simple battery change. 

It looks like it has fogged up. 

Closer view. 

It is one of the few Casio G-Shock that I have that has the plastic buckle. The others have the SS buckle. 

Open up the case back. 

The case back removed. Checked the rubber gasket. A bit dry. Time to lubricate. 

The rubber spacer. 

Closer view of the spacer. 

Module removed. I will clean the crystal first before changing the battery.

Now I need to remove the dial? Face plate?

The dial removed. No damage on the dial. 

The 'clouding'.

From inside.

After cleaning with a bit of alcohol. This may not be the recommended or correct way to clean the inside of the watch. If in doubt, best to send to your local Casio Service Center. 

Module back in and ready for battery change.

Old battery ready to be removed. 

New battery installed. Don't forget to reset the module. 

Everything transferred to the watch side and ready to be closed. 

All done. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

A Man and his watch...

This is a pretty interesting book. It basically about watches and its owner and a bit of back ground about the man and his watch. It is a cool book. 

As what is written on the outer sleeve, the book is about iconic watches and stories from the men who wore them. What is nice is the watches shown are iconic to the owners and not limited to expensive watches. 

The book is a hard cover book and the front cover is nice. The watch is embossed (is that the right word?)

The rear cover...

A Man and His Watch
Hard cover
216 pages (not including covers)
ISBN: 978-1-57965-714-7

The table of contents... there are 38 men contributing to the book..

Sample pages...

Contributors (well some of them).

Would I recommend the book? Yeah if you want to know a bit more about what drives some people getting the watches they got, why not. And best of all... the numerous photographs of some very nice and unique watches in the book. That to me, covers the price of entry. And I like the book.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Oris bracelet adjustment...

This started out as an exercise to adjust the bracelet on the Oris BC3 but ended up ....

The Oris BC3. This is from a long time ago... circa 1999/ 2000.

This version came with the metal bracelet. I had the one that came with the rubber strap. I prefer the metal bracelet actually.

The bracelet was a tad short and was fortunate that the watch came with the extra links. 

Getting the watch ready for the extra links. 

Out with the usual tools. But as luck would have it, I did not really need the tools. The watch is so old that the locking pins could just be pushed out. It was tight but it was not that tight. 

The metal bracelet removed from the watch and from the clasp. 

The locking pin.

The extra link. Observe the orientation of the locking pin and the arrow on the links for the correct orientation when installing the locking pins. 

All done. But wait...

Yeah finally it was decided that the watch be mounted on a leather strap. The strap is from ZRC and its hand made from France. It is from their aviation collection. Appropriate for the watch since the BC3 is from Oris Aviation Collection.

And we are all done. 

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Lume shot...

Something old....

Oris BC3 reference 635 7500. It has been a long time....

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Mondaine x Eslite collaboration watch...

I spotted these at my favorite bookshop in Taiwan. Its the Eslite Bookshop. 

It is a collaboration between Mondaine and Eslite to celebrate Eslite 30th. Anniversary. There are two watches to choose from...

Not perfect shots of the watches...

Here are better photographs of the watches...

This is the watch with the black leather strap.

This is the watch with brown leather strap.

Photographs: Eslite

The case back.

Both watches are Limited Edition and there are only 300 pieces per watch design. Both watches carry the elements that represent the spirit of Eslite, and they are gold, wood and stone. 

The watch case is IP coated black and the dial has a marble effect (but some say its actually marble). I believe the watch is powered by a quartz movement and is water resistant to 3 ATM.

The watches retail for NTD13,800 but I believe you can get them now for NTD9,600.

I have a soft spot for the brand Mondaine and Eslite so I like the watch. 

For more information: