Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Book review...

Well, sort of book review. Perhaps a mook review would be a better description. :)

Anyway I saw this mook at a bookshop here in Taipei and even though I cannot read Japanese, I decided to get the book. I know that most Japanese mook have lots of pictures and it would be interesting to look through the mook. It helps that the mook is not expensive. 

The mook is from 2005, so I guess it explains the price. :)

The mook, Rolex Beginner's Handbook. The handbook covers the breath and depth of the subject matter pretty well. There are lots of pictures and you can basically make out what it being shown.

Rolex Beginner's Handbook
ISBN: 978-4-584-16638-3
Published: 2015
95 pages (not including cover)

Table of contents. Basically it covers all the watches offered by Rolex, some in more detail and some just a mentioned. I have to say that the handbook is biased towards the Rolex Sports Collection.

Rolex history is covered pretty well. 

The handbook does show the progression of models from the first to the current (2015).

Other offerings from Rolex is also covered.

As stated earlier, there is biased towards the Rolex Sports Collection. 

A detail historical map of the progression of each model.

There are many blowout or cut out photographs of the various models. 

And there is a how to use guide of the various models shown. It also covers how to use the various bracelets Rolex have. 

Overall I have to say that the handbook is comprehensive in its coverage and does deliver what it promise, a beginner's handbook. In reality, I have to say there are things in the book that even 'experts' may not know.

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