Saturday, October 30, 2010

Breitling Aerospace

The Breitling Aerospace is one of my all time favourite watch. I just love the way it looks, more so with the black dial as the LCD seems to float as you can't really see the LCD window cut-out. But my love for the watch started a long time back when I was working on aircraft.

One of my bosses back then, known as the shift foreman had one and he never took it off even when he was working. Boy was I impressed. It was drenched in hydraulic fluid, oils, water, coke (we use coke to clean cockpit window), well just about anything and everything that you find on an aircraft. After work, he would just wash his hands and the watch with soap and that was it. 

Later I found out that a bunch of pilots I did my training with (they did pilot training, I did aircraft engineering), bought a couple via their pilot association (the association emblem was on the dial). About 100 pieces were issued. How cool is that. 

I have always wanted to get one but never got around doing it. To top it up, the price of the watch goes up every year. Sigh.... It did not help when I was on holiday in England recently. We were out to watch the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. After the event was over, we took a stroll in Green Park. We came across a helicopter. It was from the London Air Ambulance. It had landed in Green Park as there was in accident in the area. 

The helicopter, a McDonnell Douglas MD 902 Explorer. It is a NOTAR (NO TAil Rotor) helicopter. 

A better photograph.

Photograph: Wiki

Anyway I was interested in what watch was the pilot wearing. Here it is.

It is the Breitling Aerospace. This is the model with the updated B65 chiming module. My former boss had the model from 1996 with the non-italic hour index but with the legend 'Repetition Minutes' above the lower LCD window instead of 'Aerospace' found in older models. The helicopter pilot, I believe is wearing the updated model from 1998/ 1999 with the Italic hour index, reference F65362, titanium with gold rider tabs on the bezel. I want one.....

Friday, October 29, 2010

Watch Shopping in London Part 2

Well not really about watch shopping. I was at the popular Portobello Road Market the other day and it was a very interesting market. Little did I know that there were many shops inside what I thought was a shop. 

I did not find many shops dealing with watches (maybe because I was not looking), but I did find a few selling vintage and antique watches. There were also shops selling cheap 'local' brands and many brightly coloured digital and quartz powered watches. Apologies upfront for the lack of photographs as in many of the shops, photography was not allowed. 

Anyway, I have to say that it was an interesting afternoon looking around Portobello Road Market, caveat being that you need to know what you are looking for and know your stuff. I did find some nice military watches and even a Tudor Snowflake. I was not looking at getting any watches but ended up with a nice Pulsar G10 watch. Yes, the one with the quality issues. The watch is from 1999 and I got it at what I believe was good value.

The watch. Don't know why, but I seem to like the Pulsars. This is my second one. I must get the other version with the longer minute hand. 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Berner's Dictionary of Horology

Good news as The Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH has published Berner's Illustrated Professional Dictionary of Horology on its website. The on-line dictionary as with the paper copy is available in English, French, German and Spanish. Best of all the on-line version allows translations from one language to another. 

However for those of us who still prefer the hard copy of the dictionary, it is available for sale on The Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH website. The book has over 1,300 pages with almost 5,000 entries.

The dictionary.

Photograph: The Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH

To buy the book:

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tokyobay DIY watch

The people at Tokyobay has released a DIY (Do It Yourself) watch kit. The kit will retail for USD 210. The kit comes with 9 watchmaker tools, 2 watches and 4 straps. There is not much information on the watches itself other than it measures 44 mm across (including crown) and is quartz powered (spare batteries provided). I believe that the watches are pre-assembled. The difference between the two watches are the dial colours, one beige and the other black. The watch is a basic 3 hand watch.

The watch comes with 4 straps, 3 of which are made from cloth/ canvas and the remaining one, leather. The straps comes fitted with spring-bars. This makes changing the strap easier as you do not need to move the spring-bars from strap to strap. The straps are of the NATO type design.

The kit comes with a set of tools that will allow you change the straps and also do basic battery change. For what I can see the tools that comes with the kit are 3 screw-drivers, a pair of tweezers, polishing cloth, 2 type of case back opener, one for screw-back and the other for snap-back, a spring-bar remover and another tool. It comes in a packed in a zippered bag. 

For more information and ordering:

The kit.

Photograph: Tokyobay

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Watch shopping in London

Well it is not really my intention to go watch hunting in London, but it is interesting to see the shops near where I stay. First we have Watches of Switzerland. I understand that they have been around for sometime. They have a number of stores all over the UK, even at the airport. The one I found is the one along Brompton Road, near Harrods. They were not open when I was there but I know that they carry a number of number of brands, not limited to the following; A. Lange & Sohne, AP, Breguet, TAG Heuer, Ebel, Corum, GP, IWC, JLC, Panerai and Graham. 

The next store is the Fine Jewellery & Watch Room in Harrods. Sadly no photographs as photography is not allowed. There is a large collection of brands here. Also the selection for each brand is good. The brands includes, Panerai, AP, Rolex, Cartier, IWC, JLC, Graham, GP, Breguet and Blancpain. Interesting place.

The next store I found was Mappin and Webb. This shop is at Old Bond Street. I understand that they do carry a number of brands, including Omega, Rolex, PP, TAG Heuer, Longines, Rado and Bell & Ross. However this store only carries Rolex and PP. 

Beside the Mappin and Webb store is the JLC Boutique (?). It is also along Old Bond Street. 

Well that is what I have so for. I understand that The Burlington Arcade is nearby and there are a number of antique watch shops there. Lets see what we come up with....

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Panerai Prices (Taiwan)

Here are the retail (expected) prices of some Panerai watches here in Taiwan. This is of course if these watches even make it here into Taiwan. Oh well we can hope and pray....

PAM00346 Radiomir 8 Days Titanio 45 mm. NTD 394,000. I like this watch. I love the brown dial. Not a fan of the reverse cyclops on the date window. This is the replacement to the very popular PAM00190.

PAM00323 Radiomir 10 Days GMT 47 mm. NTD 432,000.

PAM00347 Luminor 3 Days GMT Power Reserve Automatic 44 mm. NTD 300,000.

PAM00300 Mare Nostrum 52 mm. NTD 1,096,000. This have to be the highlight for Panerai in 2010. I do like the watch. Limited Edition of 99 pieces.

PAM00348 Lo scienziato Radiomir Tourbillon GMT 48 mm. NTD 4,796,000. What can I say, what a watch. Limited Edition of 30 pieces.

Photographs: Panerai

Friday, October 15, 2010

Slowdown in blog entries

I will be away for the next 2 weeks. As such there may be a slowdown in blog entries.

Christopher Ward C9 Harrison watch

The people at Christopher Ward are indeed busy. They will be launching the C9 Harrison series of watches soon. The Harrison series is to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the world's first precision timepiece, the Harrison H4 Marine Chronometer created by John Harrison. There will be three watches in this series, the C9 Harrison Automatic, the C9 Harrison GMT Automatic and the C9 Harrison Chronograph Limited Edition.

All the three watches will share some basic specifications:

Case: stainless steel, 43 mm diameter, 13 mm height
Crystal: sapphire
Water resistant: 5 ATM

All the watches will feature a screw-down crown and display back where you can enjoy the view of the beautiful cote de Geneve rotor and blue screws.

The C9 Automatic is a basic three hand watch with date complication. This watch will be powered by either an ETA 2824-2 automatic movement or the Selita SW200-1 automatic movement. Both movement are of the Elabore grade. The watch will be available in a choice of black or silver dial. The watch will be serialised.

The C9 Harrison GMT Automatic is the same as the C9 Automatic but offers a true GMT function. The watch will be powered by the ETA 2893-2, also Elabore grade. The 24 hour indicator is on the watch dial, displayed in an inner ring. As with the C9 Harrison Automatic, the watch is available in a choice of black or silver dial. Again this watch will be individually serialised.

The C9 Harrison Chronograph is a Limited Edition run of 250 pieces, one for every year since Harrison's breakthrough. The watch will be powered by a modified ETA 7750 automatic movement. This watch will offer the following functionality; hours, minutes and chronograph. Again the watch is offered with either a silver or black dial. 

Photographs: Christopher Ward
For those who are interested to find out more about John Harrison and about the watches, please refer:

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My attempts at being Dick Tracy

I got this watch sometime ago. I almost forgot about it until today. The watch is the sWaP Classic phone watch. sWaP stands for smart Watch and Phone, a British company based in Nottinghamshire. Here are some photographs of the watch. 

The watch being charged.

The watch works pretty well. It may not be 100% Dick Tracy but it is getting there. The Dick Tracy watch.

Photograph: wikipedia

I will write more about this watch soon.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Red Army Watches Malaysia Promotion

Red Army Watches in Malaysia is having a promotion this month on the single hand watch from Schaumburg. The watch called Gnomonik, tells time via a single hand. The watch has a date complication. The watch measures 42 mm in diameter and is 9 mm thin. It is powered by a SW20 (Selita SW200?) C.O.S.C. chronometer movement. The hand of the watch is available in a number of colours. 

You will need to be a Red Army Watch member to enjoy the promotional price. Use the SCHPROMO code when buying the watch.

The Gnomonik.

Photograph: Schaumburg

Bell & Ross BR-S watch

I was out doing my usual watch hunting the other day when I came across this watch. It was a Bell & Ross, one of the BR01 type watch. I love the BR01 range of watches but this one really caught my eye. Why? Well it had a sub-dial for the seconds hand. All the BR01 that I have seen had centrally mounted sweep seconds hand. The other reason the watch caught my eye was it was powered by a quartz movement. 

I was going like, this can't be a real BR01. So in I went and inquired. Man, I need to get out more. The watch is part of the BR-S range. The BR-S range is a classic interpretation of the professional BR01 instrument watches. Now I know. Imagine I thought, a fake Bell & Ross.

Anyway, the basic specifications:

Functions: hours, minutes, seconds (sub-dial at 6 o'clock)
Case: stainless steel covered with black ceramics, 38 X 39 mm, thickness 7 mm
Movement: ETA 980.163 quartz movement, 15 jewels
Crystal: sapphire
Water resistant: 5 ATM

The watch is available in a number of case finish, brushed stainless steel, white ceramics or even pink gold. Cool, learn something new everyday.

The watch. The shop did not allow me to take photographs. 

Photograph: Bell & Ross

Panerai P.3000 movement

Panerai has introduced a new movement in the calibre P.3000. This movement would be Panerai's 8th. in-house movement after the P.2002, P.2003, P.2004, P.2005, P.2006, P.9000 and P.999 movement. This new movement has the following technical specifications:

Power Reserve 3 days
21 jewels
16 1/2 ligne diameter
5.3 mm thick
Two spring barrels
3 Hz Frequency Oscillation (21,600 A/h)

The P.3000 movement has 4 variations, starting with the basic P.3000 caliber featuring a 2 hand movement (hours and minutes), the P.3000-1 with small second at 9 0'clock position, P.3000-2 with small second and date (3 o'clock position) and finally P.3000-3 with a GMT complication on top of the small second and date.

With the introduction of the P.3000 movement, it would seem that Panerai may no longer use the Unitas 6497 movement. In comparison, both the Unitas and the P.3000 share the same size, i.e. 16 1/2 ligne, with the P.3000 thicker at 5.3 mm compared to the Unitas at 4.5 mm. The P.3000 movement has 4 more jewels as compared to the Unitas 6497. 

Based on the information given by Panerai, the P.3000 movement will be used in the Historic Range of watches together with the P.999 and P.2002 movement. Additionally, this new beautiful movement will no longer be put through C.O.S.C.. 

The movement features a number of interesting technical design. The balance wheel is large, 13.2 mm and is of the variable inertia design. This design allows the rate to be regulated without the need to remove the assembly. Adjustment is made to the four adjusting screws placed externally round the ring. The movement also features an Incabloc anti-shock device and is free-sprung, removing the need for a regulating lever.

The movement is also fitted with a rapid adjustment device to facilitate adjustment of the hour, independent of the movement of the minute hands or the operations of the watch. This is done via a star wheel with 12 points and a spring clutch system.

The movement will be used inside Panerai watches in the USD 7,000 to 10,000 range of watches. I guess will have to wait for S.I.H.H. 2011 in January to see what pieces will be fitted with this new movement. It would be interesting to see if the 1950 case design makes it into the Historic range. The good news is that the movement is already in production and watches fitted with this new movement will be available after the show.

The movement.

The bridges are brushed and beveled.

Photographs: Panerai

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Fav 2

I was listening to FGTH Welcome To The Pleasuredome when I decided to post my current favourite 2 watches...

The Tutima Military NATO TL (titanium lunette) and Tudor Heritage Chronograph

Retired but still favourite, Rolex SeaDweller 4000 and GMT Master

The Omega Seamaster 300 (in semi retirement)

Friday, October 08, 2010

Christopher Ward C70 DBR1 watch

The people at Christopher Ward has been busy. They have launched a new limited edition watch in the C70 DBR1 watch. This watch is a limited edition run of only 500 pieces. The watch is in commemoration of Aston Martin winning the 1959 Le Mans 24 hour race. 

The design and colours chosen for the watch is based on the car that won the race. Actually the car, the Aston Martin DBR1/300 car came in 1st and 2nd. The car that won the race was driven by Roy Salvadori and Caroll Shellby. Both the drivers name adorn the case back of the watch.

The DBR1 car. You will see the design cues taken from the car and adopted into the face of the watch.

Photograph: automovilismoblog

The British Racing Green bezel is based on the colour of the car. The background of the dial is based on the dark charcoal trim of the car and the large numbers on the dial reflects the large numbers that is on each and every car in the race. I like the look of the watch. 

The watch.

The beautiful case back. 

Photographs: Christopher Ward

The watch offers the following basic specifications:

Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph and date
Case: stainless steel, 42 mm diameter, 10.7 mm thick
Movement: ETA 251.272 quartz movement
Crystal: sapphire
Water resistant: 10 ATM

The watch will retail for USD 515. For more information:

A bit of trivia. Ever wondered why Aston Martin cars are called DB 5 or DB 7? Well the cars are named after David Brown Racing. David Brown bought Aston Martin in 1947 and as a result every Aston Martin car has been given the DB or DBR prefix. 

Why did the British choose green instead of its usual national colours of red, white and blue? Well these colours were already taken by Italy, Germany and France respectively. The colour came about during the 1903 Gordon Bennett Cup race held in Ireland.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Praesto Halloween Promotion

Praesto Watch Company is currently running a Halloween promotion on its Modern Fliegeuhr Aviator collection. All you have to do to enjoy the promotion is to visit their website and use the discount code HWLN2010. This offer is limited to 50 pieces and will end on Halloween day. In case you forgot what the watches looks like, here is a reminder. These watches are a limited edition watches.

The PVD Black version with black dial.

The bead blasted version with black dial. There is a blue dial version as well (with both cases).

Photographs: Praesto

For more information:

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow Co-Axial

This could not have come at a better time. Why? Well I am looking for a tri-compax design watch for some time and this watch does just that. A bit off topic, but strangely my watch shop calls this design the Mickey Mouse design. I guess I can see why... but back to the watch. 

Omega has updated the Speedmaster with the introduction of the Speedmaster Broad Arrow Co-Axial, bring the watch into the next century. The new watch comes with either a silver or black dial and will feature the 'Geneva Waves' pattern more commonly seen decorating watch movements. The sub-dial (chronograph counters) will now have an applied ring encompassing a 'beehive' design. Very modern looking watch. The sub-dials are black on the silver dial and vice-versa on the black dial. Even the hands will follow the same concept.

The Speedmaster will be powered by Omega Co-Axial calibre 3313. This movement is a COSC-certified movement. The movement also offers a column-wheel chronograph mechanism, something you don't see in many modern chronographs. I like. This movement is a robust movement and as such Omega is confident to offer a three year guarantee on the watch. Even the time between service has been increased. The unique aspect of the movement is that it allows the changing of the hour hand independently of the minute and second hands. Great if you travel. Wonder of the date changes forward and backwards with the hour hand. 

Basic specifications:

Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date (4:30 o'clock), chronograph
Case: stainless steel, 44.25 mm diameter
Movement: Omega Co-Axial calibre 3313
Crystal: sapphire
Water resistant: 10 ATM

The watch is expected to retail for USD 6,000 for the alligator strap and USD 100 more for the metal bracelet.

The watch.

The very beautiful dial. The tip of the chronograph second hand is rendered in red as are the tips of the hands on the sub-dial. 

Photographs: Omega

For more information:

Now here lies the problem. On a recent holiday I got myself in a position to get a watch that I was no expecting to get. But since it was there in the shop and the price was good, I 'had' to get it. The watch? Here it is....

Yes, the Tudor Heritage Chronograph. This is the version with the black base dial. So looks like the search for the 'Mickey Mouse' watch has to end. No regrets as I do love this watch.

Salon QP 2010

OP Magazine is proud to announce the 2010 Salon QP exhibition, a unique event in London showcasing exceptional timepieces. This is the 2nd Salon QP and will feature a number of exhibitors. The event will be held at:

One Marylebone, London
11 - 13 November, 2010

The list of exhibitors includes:

A. Lange and Sohne
Armin Strom
Backes and Strauss
Bell and Ross
Daniels London
Frederique Constant
Grand Seiko
Jean Richard
Jean-Mairet and Gillman
John C Taylor
Linde Werdelin
Maurice Lacroix
Meccaniche Veloci
Nick Walker/ Helium Foundation
Ralph Lauren
Roger Smith
TAG Heuer
Vacheron Constantin

The icing for the event will the unveiling of a timepiece created by Dr. George Daniels in collaboration with Roger Smith, the Co-Axial Anniversary and Linde Werdelin first ladies watch.

Some of the watches that should be appearing at the exhibition:

Backes and Strauss Regent

Maurice Lacroix Decentrique

Panerai PAM00335 Luminor 1950 Ceramica

TAG Heuer Carrera Pendulum

Vacheron Constantin Metiers Lacquer

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Grand Seiko English Website

For lovers of Seiko watches, more so the Seiko Grand, well Seiko has launched their English website. For more information:

Friday, October 01, 2010

Watch Shopping in Malaysia Part 7

This is a small report on watch shopping in Malaysia. Well this is part 7 actually. I am currently on holiday in Malaysia and I was in Mid-Valley Shopping Mall. There are two parts to the mall, Mid-Valley itself and its new extension called The Gardens Mall. I was there just for a short while.

The first two shops are located in the lower levels of Mid-Valley shopping Mall. I am sure there are others but I did not check it out as the main place we wanted to visit is The Gardens Mall. The first shop is called PK Time. this shop carries a number of brands and not limited to the following: Chronoforce, Citizen, Timex, Tissot, CK, Espirit, Elle, Bonia, Mont Blanc, Seiko, Longines, O.D.M. and Casio.

The second shop is called Style Watch. As with PK Time, they carry many fashion brands. The brands found at this shop include Swatch, Seiko, Cerruti 1881, Casio, CK, Emporio Armani, Pierre Cardin, Police, Burberry, Bonia, Fossil, Espirit, Bum Equipment, Alba and Casio. They also carry a number of wall clocks.

The Hour Glass is located in The Gardens Mall, as are the other shops below. The Hour Glass carries the following brands, Rolex, Tudor, Hublot, Ulysse Nardin, Omega, Gerald Genta, JLC, Sinn and Tag Heuer. This shop also caused me a big headache as I ended up with a watch which was not in the original plan. But more about the watch in another entry.

The Tag Heuer Boutique. Sorry for the bad photograph.

The is a new watch shop (to me). The shop looks interesting. They carry the following brands; Ball, GP, Wyler, Chronoswiss, Jean Richard, Vulcain, Dior and Bell & Ross among others.

Yet another new shop. They carry a number of high end brands. Brands include AP, IWC, Piaget, Breguet, Omega, Franck Muller, Corum, Cvstos, Glashutte Original, Raymond Weil, Longines and Bell & Ross. An interesting shop indeed.