Sunday, November 19, 2017

Lume shot... with a twist

It has been sometime since I last did a lume shot. Here is the Wired watch I got recently.

Unlike the watch of old, the light is white instead of yellow. :)

Sunday, November 12, 2017


I was at Costco today when I saw this watch. Looks interesting and kind of reminded me of vintage Seiko watches from the 70s. 

The watch...

The Seiko watch from the 70s...

Photograph: shameless borrowed from the Internet

So while waiting for the missus to do her shopping, I quickly searched the Internet about the watch. Interesting. The watch is part of a series of watches Wired produced in collaboration with Beams. The other watches in the collection..

Photograph: shameless borrowed from the Internet

The model on display is the AGAM701. The watch is also know by various names, so far I found that it is called Seiko Basel 2017 Limited Edition Wired x Beams, Seiko Solidity Beams produce, Seiko Wired x Beams Solidity and the list goes on. 

So far, I have established this is Limited Model produced in collaboration with Beams and it is a Limited Edition of 1,600 pieces. 

So I got two. One for me, and the other for my brother. 

I have to say the watch is rather unique and I like it. 

Oh, before I forget, one of the watches below appeared in a Bond movie. 

Photograph: shameless borrowed from the Internet

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Bracelet resizing..

I was resizing some Seiko watches the other day. The most important thing to watch out for when resizing the Seiko monster bracelet is the locking collar and pin that hold the bracelet links together. Seiko use the pin and collar locking system and the collar is plenty small. 

The pictures below, don't serve as a step by step guide. Apologies for poor quality of some of the pictures as the background is not the best in the world... 

The Seiko Monster SZSC003 Blue Ocean.

Disconnect the bracelet from the clasp.

Mount it on the tool to punch out the pin.

The removed link, pins and locking collars. See how small the locking collars are.

All done.

The watch, Seiko SZEN006.

Note the direction to punch out the pins. 

Disconnect from the clasp. Note the spring bar. Don't lose this. :)

The link removed. Note the pin and locking collar. 

Reconnect the bracelet.

Pin in position. 

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

How time flies...

I have a unique way to measure time, especially how long I have been in Taiwan. It helps that when I first came to Taiwan, Casio was celebrating its 25th. Anniversary of the G-Shock. Fast forward and Casio is celebrating its 35th. Anniversary. So it has been 10 years. 

As with any celebration, Casio have released a number of Limited Edition Casio G-Shock to celebrate this. 

My friendly local watch shop sent me this...

Yes, these are the 35th. Anniversary Big Bang Black series. The collection consist of 4 watches, The GA-135-1A, GA-735A-1A, GA-835A-1A and the GG-1035-1A Mudmaster. 

Photograph: Casio

But wait, there are 5 boxes. What is the other one? 

The other watch is the GW-5035A-1 which according to sources will only be available in Japan, China, Taiwan and America. 

Photograph: Casio

Casio will also be releasing another collection to celebrate the 35th. Anniversary. The collection is the Gold Tornado Collection. It consist of 3 watches.

GWF-D1035B-1. I like...



Photograph: Casio

There are other models released in this celebration. As usual, Casio will work with Eric Haze to release a Casio x Eric Haze collaboration model.


Casio is also collaborating with Chinese Fashion brand Sankuanz to celebrate the 35th. Anniversary. The Casio X Sankuanz model.


Photographs: Casio

I guess we will be seeing a number of mooks to celebrate the G-Shock 35th. Anniversary. 

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