Wednesday, November 01, 2017

How time flies...

I have a unique way to measure time, especially how long I have been in Taiwan. It helps that when I first came to Taiwan, Casio was celebrating its 25th. Anniversary of the G-Shock. Fast forward and Casio is celebrating its 35th. Anniversary. So it has been 10 years. 

As with any celebration, Casio have released a number of Limited Edition Casio G-Shock to celebrate this. 

My friendly local watch shop sent me this...

Yes, these are the 35th. Anniversary Big Bang Black series. The collection consist of 4 watches, The GA-135-1A, GA-735A-1A, GA-835A-1A and the GG-1035-1A Mudmaster. 

Photograph: Casio

But wait, there are 5 boxes. What is the other one? 

The other watch is the GW-5035A-1 which according to sources will only be available in Japan, China, Taiwan and America. 

Photograph: Casio

Casio will also be releasing another collection to celebrate the 35th. Anniversary. The collection is the Gold Tornado Collection. It consist of 3 watches.

GWF-D1035B-1. I like...



Photograph: Casio

There are other models released in this celebration. As usual, Casio will work with Eric Haze to release a Casio x Eric Haze collaboration model.


Casio is also collaborating with Chinese Fashion brand Sankuanz to celebrate the 35th. Anniversary. The Casio X Sankuanz model.


Photographs: Casio

I guess we will be seeing a number of mooks to celebrate the G-Shock 35th. Anniversary. 

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