Sunday, November 12, 2017


I was at Costco today when I saw this watch. Looks interesting and kind of reminded me of vintage Seiko watches from the 70s. 

The watch...

The Seiko watch from the 70s...

Photograph: shameless borrowed from the Internet

So while waiting for the missus to do her shopping, I quickly searched the Internet about the watch. Interesting. The watch is part of a series of watches Wired produced in collaboration with Beams. The other watches in the collection..

Photograph: shameless borrowed from the Internet

The model on display is the AGAM701. The watch is also know by various names, so far I found that it is called Seiko Basel 2017 Limited Edition Wired x Beams, Seiko Solidity Beams produce, Seiko Wired x Beams Solidity and the list goes on. 

So far, I have established this is Limited Model produced in collaboration with Beams and it is a Limited Edition of 1,600 pieces. 

So I got two. One for me, and the other for my brother. 

I have to say the watch is rather unique and I like it. 

Oh, before I forget, one of the watches below appeared in a Bond movie. 

Photograph: shameless borrowed from the Internet

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