Sunday, June 16, 2019

RJ ARRAW Marine Mykonos watch..

RJ has captured the essence of summer life in the Greek isles in a 10-piece limited edition series from the ARRAW Marine collection. These timepieces were inspired by the most iconic symbols of Mykonos, from the blue of the Aegean Sea to the Greek windmills and the mighty rocks that form the Cyclades island.

Each ARRAW Marine Mykonos special edition case, crafted in grade 5 titanium, comes adorned with the signature rubber RJ Bumpers™ that define the ARRAW collection. The unique composite bezel combines sand with a high-performance resin created in-house by RJ. The unique sand-infused bezel is secured to the case with a metal grid whose shape alludes to the iconic windmills of Mykonos.

Many stages of dial treatment are required to impart the ARRAW Marine Mykonos with its lustrous Aegean blue effect, first sun-brushed, then galvanized, gradient-painted and then coated with a transparent lacquer. This hue refers both to the color of the sea as well as the legendary blue of Mykonos. The chronograph counters have been rhodium-plated to coordinate with the arrow-shaped, satin-finished hands, so that the limited-editions remain faithful to the ARRAW Marine family.

The RJ-2040 self-winding chronograph movement displays a 30-minute counter at 9 o’clock, a 12-hour counter with a date aperture at 6 o’clock, and a small seconds counter at 3 o’clock.  The transparent sapphire crystal case back allows a fascinating look at the oscillating weight, designed to reference the iconic windmills of Mykonos.

The ARRAW Marine Mykonos special edition comes with a blue alligator strap that has been manually patinated to project the same casual ease that characterizes life in the Greek isles. The underside of the strap has been reinforced with a rubber insert for durability and comfort. The special edition timepiece also comes with a black rubber bracelet, ideal for swimming or water sports. Changing out the strap is easily accomplished thanks to the interchangeable strap system. This hallmark of the ARRAW collection allows the strap to be released and an alternate strap installed with a simple ‘click’.

Photographs: RJ Watches

“The ARRAW Marine collection draws inspiration from the universe of the sea. Naturally, the first limited-edition ARRAW Marine series takes that maritime theme in a creative new direction. We chose to reinterpret the familiar codes of the RJ ARRAW Marine family and infuse the 10-piece series with the exotic appeal of Mykonos, one of the most breathtaking seaside destinations in the world.” said Marco Tedeschi, CEO and Creative Director of RJ.

Only 10 ARRAW Marine Mykonos special edition watches will be available throughout the world, sold exclusively in the Kessaris shops in Mykonos and Nammos Beach.

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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Limited Edition Seiko Prospex...

It looks like I have been posting lots of news on Seiko in recent days but there is lots to cover. Anyway, Seiko have been busy releasing Limited Edition Seiko Prospex for Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau and Brunei markets. I have to say I do like them...

Both these watches are based on the Seiko Turtle series...

This is the Seiko SRPD15K1. It was released some time ago but I have to say that I do like it a lot. From Seiko...

Make a splash with the new Seiko Prospex "Blue Butterfly Fish" exclusively available only in Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia and Brunei. 

SRPD15K1 features a bright yellow dial with a deep blue or pure white strap which are associated with the blue butterfly fish swimming in the ocean, exuding its full charm in the marine life. 

The watch is equipped with 4R36 caliber and its case is made of reinforced glass, with screw-down crown and 200m scuba diving functions. The pretty and comfortable accordion-style strap fits the wrist perfectly and allows for expansion and contraction so that the watch remains tight on the wrist, allowing wearers to enjoy the joy under the sea freely.

Limited to 2200 pieces only with unique serial numbers engraved on case backs. 

The retail price in Malaysia is about RM2,600.

And yes the watch comes with 2 straps, one blue and the other white.

The other watch is a new release. It is the Seiko SRPD45K1. From Seiko...

Photographs: Seiko

Inspired by Okinawa's specialty "Sea Grapes", the new Seiko Prospex features an emerald green dial paired with a matching green snake-belt silicone strap. The 3 o'clock position has a practical date and day display and a magnified window, ideal for diving conditions.

This limited edition is only available in Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia and Brunei.

It is a Limited Edition run of only 1,800 pieces and I suspect the specifications of the watch would be similar to the SRPD15K1.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Seiko Gen 4 Monster unboxing..

Yeah, yet another unboxing... completing the 3 musketeers...

This time, the packaging is totally new to me...

First time I am seeing a rectangular box from Seiko...

Yes it is the SDBY035. The box is XS192J. 

The papers that comes with the watch.

The grey box that comes inside the white box.

The watch inside. It is well protected. 

Closer view. 

Inside the grey box. The right loop is fixed, the strap slides into the loop. The left loop (?) is used to clamp the watch down, a first for me. 

The watch inside a plastic bag. The watch head is wrapped with blister pack. 

Sticker on the plastic bag, the serial number has been photoshop away. The watch was made in March 2019.

With the blister pack removed. 

The tags that comes with the watch.

The Seiko Monster SBDY035. 

The watch comes with the new rubber strap. It is very much softer compared to the old Z22 rubber strap. 

The back of the rubber strap. It has patterned finish.

And there you have it, the unboxing of the 3 new Seiko Monsters. 

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Seiko Monster Gen 4 unboxing...

We have another Seiko Gen 4 unboxing. This time its a little different as this particular watch was a gift, as such the tags and plastic have all been removed and did not come with the watch. 

The outer white box. However this box is different from the normal white box that I normally see. This box is of a higher quality and is a two piece box. The normal box is a one piece box. 

The retailer sticker is at the side of the box. Also the part number of the box is XS055J A. The normal box I am used to is XS190J A.

The grey box. Even this box is different. Better quality and just different. 

The warranty and user guide. 

This is the view of inside the white box. There is a slot or cut out at the bottom of the box. 

And this is where the papers sit inside the box. 

The side view of the box. It is different. Even the interior is different as you will see from the photographs below.

The Seiko SBDY033, Gen 4 Monster. It has a blue sun burst dial but it is difficult to photograph. 

The cushion inside the box... different. Also the shop, Daimaru in Osaka removes everything. Sad but its OK. 

Review coming soon...

Lume shot..

It has been some time...

Omega Speedmaster 3594.50

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Omega heselite...

The Omega logo on the heselite crystal....

Taken with the Leica D-Lux typ 109.

Wotancraft strap a pictorial review...

This is review of sorts of the Wotancraft Hand Dyed Leather Strap Tea Brown no.61 from their Hand Dyed Gradient Leather Strap Series designed for Apple Watch. For more information:

Please note that I bought the strap and the review is my personal opinion. This is a photograph heavy review.

The strap comes in a beautiful pouch with the Wotancraft logo at the bottom of the strap. The pouch makes a good carrying case not only for the strap, but also as a carrying case for your watches. 

The strap.

The two halves of the strap. The strap is 4mm thick and measures 125mm on the long half and 75mm on the short half. They (Wotancraft) do have other sizes or they can even customized the length of the strap to your requirements. 

The longer half with the holes.

The shorter half with the buckle. 

The back of the strap. We will take a closer look later. 

The strap is signed on the the longer half. 

The strap comes with the hardware to fit into your Apple Watch. You can choose the colour of the hardware to suit your watch. The strap is mounted to the hardware by spring bars and it has lug holes to make removal easier.

Lets have a closer look at the strap. We begin with the long half. The strap is well made and I do like the gradient dye finish of the strap. The stitching matches the dark dye used. The threads are dark brown in colour. You will see this later when we look at the back of the strap.

The strap has a dark dyed end and it has a rounded pointed tip (?).

The strap offers 30mm of adjustment with the holes being 6mm apart. The finishing of the holes is very good. 

The edges are waxed covered. With use, the leather will show through the edges but it does not fray.

The hardware. It is very well made and it is coated black. No tool marks can be seen.

The strap is 24mm at the lug side and tapers down to 22mm at the tip. The strap will fit both the 42 and 44mm Apple Watch. 

Just love the finish and the quality of the leather used.

The back of the strap is leather lined. The finishing is good if not great. The back is not dyed and you can see the colour of the threads used.

Closer view of the stitching on the back of the strap.

The buckle half of the strap have two strap keepers. One is fixed and the other is floating. I like how the strap keepers are dyed around the edges as well just like the strap. 

A closer view of the strap keepers. 

The finishing of the strap is just awesome actually. Look at the stitching on the buckle side of the strap. As with the long half, this strap tapers from 24m down to 22mm at the buckle mounting. 

The back of the strap does not disappoint. The cross stitching on the floating keeper and the stitching along the edge of the strap is great. 

Closer view of the cross stitching on the floating keeper. There are also no tool marks on the leather anywhere. 

The stitching along the edge of the strap just before the buckle. Nice.

A closer view of the hardware. 

The buckle. The watch is fitted with a polished buckle. The buckle is well made but the down side of the polished buckle is finger prints and scratches do show. 

The top part of the buckle. 

The bottom part of the buckle. Again no tool marks can be seen anywhere on the buckle. 

The buckle is screw mounted onto the strap. This allow easy change of the buckle. Nice little things about the strap. 

It is not all good about the strap. It can be a bit tough when you first get the strap. You will need to break in the strap before it get comfortable. 

So how is the strap mounted on the Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch Series 3 42mm.

The watch ready for the strap. Mounting the strap is as easy as sliding the strap onto the watch. Look at the photographs below.

The hardware fits the watch perfectly.

The strap mounted onto the the Apple Watch. I have to say it does look good. 

It is comfortable on the wrist.

Now the best part about the strap is that since it is mounted onto the hardware via spring bars, you can change your strap to other 24mm straps that you may already have. It also allows you to buy other 24mm straps that is not specifically design or made for the Apple Watch.

The hardware or now your new lugs for your Apple Watch. :)

The lug ends fitted onto the Apple Watch. 

The view from the back.

The view from the front. 

The watch is now fitted with another strap. This is a Special Edition 1 of 4 strap from Di Stefano. They also make awesome straps. I will review (long term) this strap soon. I got this strap back in 2013.