Friday, June 05, 2020

Panerai 2020 Exhibition...

Yesterday I got invited to an exhibition. It was an exhibition held by Panerai and it was held at Wotancraft. It was not a big gathering but it was an interesting exhibition. 

Sadly I did not manage to take any photographs of watches as some of the watches on exhibit were prototypes and we were not allowed to take photographs of the watches.

However I did get a couple of photographs showing how some of the new cases from Panerai is made and the technology that goes behind making those cases. I do have to say it was very interesting.

Here goes....

DMLS Carbotech




Apologies for no photographs of watches but I have to say that from what I saw, I have to say that Panerai have indeed step up their game and the overall quality and finish of the watches have indeed improved from the days when I was collecting Panerai. Who knows, maybe one day I will get back into collecting Panerai again. 

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