Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cerakote Ceramic Coating

I read about this treatment sometime back but have never seen it. That all changed today when I met up with a good friend who had three of his watches treated with the Cerakote Ceramic coating. I have to say that I am rather impressed with the coating. 

It is different from the PVD coating we usually see. The coating itself feels very different. It is textured. It feel like that there are thousands of little bumps on the surface of the coating. I like it. 

The Black monster has had the bezel and case Cerakote. I am not sure of the colour and my friend can't remember. It looks like OD Green or Coyote Tan. 

The coating looks 'thicker' as compared to PVD coating. However it does not seem to have an effect on the functionality of the bezel or the crown, which is also coated.

The work looks good as the coating looks even. It is well done and oozes quality. 

Look at the crown and even the spring bar hole. The coating is well applied. Quality work.

The case back. I tried the watch and the feel is different. Instead of getting the cold feel of the stainless steel case, you have a 'warm' feeling.

Again the application of the coating is good. 

The gap between the bezel and case is consistent throughout. 

I like that the application of the black paint in the markers is also well done. It does look darker than the original. Perhaps it is an illusion as the original bezel is polished. The case on the Orange Monster is not Cerakote but is Bead Blasted. 

If you notice, the minute markers have been removed. You can see the four holes that holds the minute marker to the dial.

A closer view of the bezel and the black paint in the minute markers.

As stated earlier the case is Bead Blasted. The case is Bead Blasted to Flat. This means there is minimal light reflecting properties. I like as it matches the Cerakote bezel.

The case back, also Bead Blasted Flat.

The crown, Bead Blasted Flat.

Another view of the Cerakote bezel and Bead Blasted Flat case.

The Seiko below has another finish of Bead Blast. This time it is Bead Blasted Low Light. This type of Bead Blast has medium light reflecting properties. The bezel is Cerakote Graphic Black. The dial and hands have been changed as well. 

Even the crown is Bead Blasted Low Light.

The case back. 

Another view of the case and case back. The finish is very nice and very even. Quality workmanship.

If you are interested to get you watch done the same way, check out: 

My new toy....

I had to get this. Every kid who grew up in the 70s and 80s should have one. Something from Lego and from its Star Wars collection.

Yes, a Darth Vader Alarm Clock.

Darth Vader all tied up. We are safe at the moment.

Oh no, he is out of the box. Yes, I will free you..... Oh no, I fell for his Jedi Mind Trick.

Darth Vader, free at last.

But he is not alive. 

Yes, the rumours are true. He is battery powered and yes, he is made in China.

Ready to receive his power system.

Darth Vader is really in tune with the times, green batteries. :)

He is ALIVE!!!!

Time adjusted and light working. But is the Force with him?

Darth Vader "I find your lack of faith very disturbing". Arggggg.......

Tudor Fastrider

I do like this watch. Why? Because I do like the 'Mickey Mouse' or Tri-compax design chronograph. Some people are already calling it a poor man Daytona, but I think it can stand on its own two feet. 

The Tudor Fastrider is a new line from Tudor. Yes, Tudor has had chronographs with the Tri-compax design, but it was in a different line. The Fastrider is based on the seductive high-speed world of motorcycle racing. And it can be seen in the design of the watch. Note the racing stripes on the dial.

The Fastrider features a new 42 mm case from Tudor. It has a polished and satin finish. It has a very sporty and technical look to it. It is also fitted with a sapphire crystal and a screw-down crown. All these help the watch to attain a water resistant rating of 15 ATM.

There are three things I like about the watch (other than the tri-compax design). First is the date corrector at the nine o'clock position. It is decorated with a black PVD-coated shield. Indeed a nice touch.

Secondly are the chronograph pushers. The Direct-Action Chronograph Pushers fits into the middle of the case via black PVD-coated cylinders reminiscent of motorcycle engine pistons.

Lastly I do like the Signature black Tudor fabric strap with it's three sporty stripes which continues with the stripes on the dial, giving the watch a seamless look. The watch is also available with a satin finished three piece link steel bracelet with a polished center piece and I believe there is also an option for a leather strap with a new safety catch incorporated into the folding clasp. 

Photographs: Tudor

Things I don't like? Well the dial, which is available in black, silver or white is a tad busy.

Basic specifications:

Reference: 42000
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds (9 o'clock sub-dial), chronograph (centrally mounted sweep second, 30-minute totalizer at 3 o'clock and 12-hour totalizer at 6 o'clock), date complication at 4:30 o'clock
Case: stainless steel, 42 mm diameter
Crystal: sapphire
Movement: Tudor automatic chronograph movement
Water resistant: 15 ATM

For more information:

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I am indeed impressed

A couple of weeks ago I wrote to Panerai to request for the 2011 Catalogue. They (HQ) put me in contact with the local representative office. The local office contacted me and I told them I would like the English version of the catalogue (being unable to read Chinese). The local office told me that the 2011 Catalogue was not out as yet (locally).

So I waited. Weeks passed and I assume that they have forgotten all about it. Two days ago I decided to write to them to check if they have received the catalogue as they told me it will be here in June. Surprise surprise, I got an email from them telling that they have courier the catalogue to me. I was surprised. That was at 1600 hours. 

I guessed that I should receive the catalogue sometime yesterday. But to my surprise, at 1800 hours, the courier arrived at my house with the catalogue. Wow! That is what I call service. I am indeed impressed. Kudos to the local Panerai office.

The catalogues.

The 2011 catalogue.

The Special Edition 1997 - 2010 Catalogue ( a nice bonus).

Monday, June 27, 2011

Rolex Twin and Triplock crown

Found this cut away drawing of the famous Rolex Twin and Triplock crown on the Internet. Thought I share it. This is the older design as the new design has a gasket on the outside of the winding tube. 

Photograph: shamelessly borrowed from the Internet

If only... Tudor Heritage Chrono Black

If only Tudor made this......... sigh!!!!!

Photographs: Bamford

For those who are interested:

Rubber on a Rolex

Always wanted to get a rubber strap for your Rolex? Well, you could get one of the standard rubber strap or you could go Rubber B. What is Rubber B? It is the strap from Rubber B who makes rubber straps specifically for Rolex watches. 

The straps they offer comes in 4 colours, black, white, blue and brown and cost USD 220. The strap is designed specifically to fit Rolex watches just like your original bracelet, even to fit the lug fittings like the solid end lugs fittings. Even the original Rolex clasp can be used with the strap. The straps will fit wrist size between 6 7/8 to 8 1/4 inches. At present they have straps that fit the following Rolex watches:

Explorer I
Explorer II
GMT Master
GMT Master II
GMT Master II Ceramic

The vulcanised straps are made in Switzerland and is available from:

The straps:

Looks good.

The blue strap (Pacific Blue).

The white version (Arctic White).

The black strap on the GMT Master II Ceramic (Jet Black).

Photographs: Rubber B

Busy busy

Will be busy for the next few weeks. Why? Well I picked up the books I ordered (after a 6 week wait) and will be reading it from cover to cover. The books:

The Best Of Time: Rolex Wristwatches, An Unauthorized History
James M. Dowling and Jeffrey P. Hess
ISBN: 0764324373

Have always wanted to get the book but never got around to buying it until now.

Vintage Rolex Sports Models, A Complete Visual Reference & Unauthorized History
Martin Skeet and Nick Urul
ISBN: 9780764329814

Did know about this book until about 6 weeks ago when a friend on a forum I frequent introduced it. It is a nice visual guide of what is out there.

The other reason I will be busy is because I am working with one of the forum I frequent to do a watch. Hope it comes true. And also Season 17 of Top Gear has just started.