Saturday, June 18, 2011

Marathon SAR modification

Since I was writing about the conversion that was done to my Marathon JSAR, I thought I also compile the modification done to the SAR. The SAR is the original watch issued to the US and Canadian military as well as NASA divers at the National Buoyancy Lab, where astronauts train underwater for low-gravity environments.

Anyway the original SAR watch looks like this. Many were divided on the cyclops lens over the date window and also the black on white date wheel.

So, since I was ordering the new white on black date wheel for the JSAR conversion, I thought I might as well order one for the SAR in case I want to convert the watch as well. After getting the parts, and looking through the Internet, I decided that I would modify the SAR.

The modification to be carried out:

1. Remove the cyclops lens.

2. Change the date wheel.

So off to my friendly neighborhood watch guy.

Within 5 minutes of me telling him what I want done, this was the state the watch was in. Talk about being a fast worker. You can see the removed hands, the dial and the spacer under the dial and the new white on black date wheel already installed on the ETA 2824 movement. The old date wheel can be seen lying upside down.

The next thing he did was to remove the sapphire crystal. He did this, as he did not want to damage the crystal gasket when he heats up the cyclops for removal. Here is a link (video) on how to remove a cyclops lens from a watch. Please make sure you know what you are doing before trying this out. My watch guy uses a soldering iron for a more focused heating. It took a total 2 seconds for the cyclops to pop.

The removed cyclops.

He subsequently installed the crystal and did a water resistance check.

The watch, converted.

Have to admit that perhaps having the black on white date wheel (original) may have been a better choice as it does 'balance' out the dial with the marker at 9 o'clock. Well changing the date wheel is not a biggie. See how it goes over the next few days.

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  1. hello I need advice for my tsar marathon. the movement is broken so I want to change it for a 2824 eta like the gsar model. but to hold the movement in the case I have to buy a holder. There are many different sizes and I need to know if you have this piece or if I can find it somewhere. Thank you very much for your opinion.