Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Marathon modification Update 2

Wow, just got a call from my friendly neighbourhood watch guy. He has completed the modification on the SAR. That is fast. Since his shop is about 2 KM from where I'm at, I decided to go and pick up the SAR. 

The watch before.

The watch after. Cyclops removed and date wheel changed. I have to say that I prefer the watch without the cyclops and with the white on black date wheel. Glad I did the modification. Water resistance check done.

The cyclops. 

While I was there, he was working on the JSAR. He does not want to broach the seconds hand and he is looking at what options he has. Well, he said if all fails, he will broach the seconds hand. We will know tomorrow.

WIP (work in progress).

The dial and hands (minute and hour) on the ETA 2824-2. Note the white on black date wheel. 

The old ISA 1198 movement. 

The JSAR case. 

Stay tune for more updates.

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