Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I am indeed impressed

A couple of weeks ago I wrote to Panerai to request for the 2011 Catalogue. They (HQ) put me in contact with the local representative office. The local office contacted me and I told them I would like the English version of the catalogue (being unable to read Chinese). The local office told me that the 2011 Catalogue was not out as yet (locally).

So I waited. Weeks passed and I assume that they have forgotten all about it. Two days ago I decided to write to them to check if they have received the catalogue as they told me it will be here in June. Surprise surprise, I got an email from them telling that they have courier the catalogue to me. I was surprised. That was at 1600 hours. 

I guessed that I should receive the catalogue sometime yesterday. But to my surprise, at 1800 hours, the courier arrived at my house with the catalogue. Wow! That is what I call service. I am indeed impressed. Kudos to the local Panerai office.

The catalogues.

The 2011 catalogue.

The Special Edition 1997 - 2010 Catalogue ( a nice bonus).

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