Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Marathon modification Update 1

Just got back from my friendly neighbourhood watch guy. Wow, he was going to do the modification for me on the spot. I told him, no need to do it on the spot. In that case, the watches will be ready tomorrow. 

Just to give you an idea how fast he was, the photograph below is 5 minutes after telling him what I wanted done on the Marathon SAR. Date wheel changed and ready to be assembled. After I told him to slow down, he stopped working on the watch.

I asked him to open up the JSAR because I want to see the movement inside the JSAR. I know is is the ISA 1198. Here it is.

I have to say and my watch guy agrees, the JSAR is a well built watch. Just look at the finely machined stainless steel spacer.

Looks like the next update will be tomorrow.

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