Thursday, June 09, 2011

Assolutamente in the house

Yes, finally got my Assolutamente dark brown strap from Panerai. This after a 2 months wait. I have to say that I am very happy with it. It looks great. The model I got is the longer version, 115/95. The reference is MX006ZC5. The strap is made in Austria and it is for the tang buckle. The standard version is reference MX006ZBZ. 

The strap still wrapped.

The strap. The name Assolutamente exactly describe the strap, Absolutely. It is great. I love the strap. It looks like it is made of velvet. 

The strap is signed.

Looks well made and the quality can be seen all over the strap. I do like the white stitching. It gives the strap a much needed contrast. The strap comes with two keepers, one floating and the other fixed. 

Here we can see the exact description of the strap.

The watch that will have the honour of 'wearing' the strap, the Panerai PAM00367. 

I am sure the colour of the strap will match the patina of the watch. The Assolutamente is the standard issued strap for the boutique limited edition Panerai. 

Make sure you use the right size screwdriver. Since the PAM00367 does not come with the tools, I have to use one of the many that I have.

The polished buckle removed. 

The strap screws.

The watch head, ready to receive the straps. 

The new strap and the old strap. As you can see the new strap is longer, well the one with the buckle is longer. 

The pin tubes, ready to be inserted into the straps. 

The buckle installed. 

The strap on the watch. A perfect match. Even my wife likes the strap. It is a nice strap, very comfortable and well made. I am not saying that the original strap is not good, but I guess, those models with the 'faux patina' should come with the Assolutamente strap. 

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