Friday, August 02, 2019

Titus serviced...

I been wanting to send this old Titus watch of mine for a service for the longest time and I finally did it last week. I tried out this new shop around the corner from where I stay. I had to change shops because my usual place have been sold and I don't know the people there. :(

So the watch came back after a week. And how was it?

Well..... it was a bit of hit and miss I guess. Perhaps it was the language problem... :)

The watch...

The Titus watch...

Closer view...

It is old...

The case back...

Actually the overall condition of the watch is not bad, it is in pretty good nick actually. 

The shop had to change the crown. They don't have an original crown as replacement.

They got a plain standard crown as a replacement. The best part, the size of the new crown is the same as the old one. 

The old crown. According to the watch guy, the old crown is pretty much busted and does not provide any water resistance protection at all. 

Service mark showing date of service. Don't know what the rest means. And yes, the year is shown as 108 and not 2019 as this is the date system here in Taiwan.

So what was the hit and miss? Well, the watch works well, the amplitude is good, the movement was taken apart and cleaned and oiled and it is running well.

The movement before service.

The movement post service.

The miss? The calendar module is not working as it should. The date is not changing properly. Looks like back to the shop... :(

We will see how things go from there on.

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