Saturday, August 17, 2019

What started out as a planned battery change...

The battery change season continues. This one ended up a bit different. The is my DW-6900 and it looks like it needs a bit more tender loving care then a simple battery change. 

It looks like it has fogged up. 

Closer view. 

It is one of the few Casio G-Shock that I have that has the plastic buckle. The others have the SS buckle. 

Open up the case back. 

The case back removed. Checked the rubber gasket. A bit dry. Time to lubricate. 

The rubber spacer. 

Closer view of the spacer. 

Module removed. I will clean the crystal first before changing the battery.

Now I need to remove the dial? Face plate?

The dial removed. No damage on the dial. 

The 'clouding'.

From inside.

After cleaning with a bit of alcohol. This may not be the recommended or correct way to clean the inside of the watch. If in doubt, best to send to your local Casio Service Center. 

Module back in and ready for battery change.

Old battery ready to be removed. 

New battery installed. Don't forget to reset the module. 

Everything transferred to the watch side and ready to be closed. 

All done. 

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