Monday, August 12, 2019

Oris bracelet adjustment...

This started out as an exercise to adjust the bracelet on the Oris BC3 but ended up ....

The Oris BC3. This is from a long time ago... circa 1999/ 2000.

This version came with the metal bracelet. I had the one that came with the rubber strap. I prefer the metal bracelet actually.

The bracelet was a tad short and was fortunate that the watch came with the extra links. 

Getting the watch ready for the extra links. 

Out with the usual tools. But as luck would have it, I did not really need the tools. The watch is so old that the locking pins could just be pushed out. It was tight but it was not that tight. 

The metal bracelet removed from the watch and from the clasp. 

The locking pin.

The extra link. Observe the orientation of the locking pin and the arrow on the links for the correct orientation when installing the locking pins. 

All done. But wait...

Yeah finally it was decided that the watch be mounted on a leather strap. The strap is from ZRC and its hand made from France. It is from their aviation collection. Appropriate for the watch since the BC3 is from Oris Aviation Collection.

And we are all done. 

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