Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Omega Seamaster..

I guess it is time to bring my Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer 300M Chronograph for a service. This watch was my first Swiss watch. I got it back in 1996. There is an interesting story attached to the watch.

I got the watch from my good friends at Hings Watch in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia back in 1996. Actually I did not get this particular watch but a similar watch. After a day of getting that watch, the chronograph did not work properly. It would jump when the chronograph second hand reach 59 seconds. It would not sweep but stop at 59 seconds momentarily and jump to 60 seconds. 

The watch was sent back and after a few days, Omega said that there was a problem with the movement and replaced the watch. Yeah, a one to one replacement. How cool is that. Anyway, I contacted Omega via email and found out lots about the replacement watch. 

Fast forward to today. After 18 years of service, I decided to send the watch in for a service and perhaps a major overhaul. Please note that the watch is working fine and there is nothing wrong with the watch. That is almost 18 years without a service. The watch has had a tough life, for the first 3 years of ownership, I wore the watch daily. After 1999, it was in rotation with my Panerai and subsequently, it saw less and less wrist time. 

Actually the watch is more then 18 years old. The watch was almost 4 years old when I got the watch. I got information from Omega about the history of the watch. Yes, Omega was more open back then. I found out that the watch was in Italy for about 3 years (mounted on a rubber strap) before it was returned to Omega. Subsequently the watch was fitted with a metal bracelet and shipped to Malaysia and that is how I ended up with the watch. I am not sure if Omega did service the watch upon its return from Italy. 

The watch...

The tritium dial and hands have oxidised (patina). I will not be changing the dial, hands and bezel insert. 

Another view. 

I do like the watch. It is powered by an ETA7750 or Omega caliber 1164. My wife calls the watch the wobble watch because of the famous ETA7750 wobble. 

It has had a hard life. Damage? The bezel....

The scratches, one of many...

Nicks a plenty...

I will most likely ask if they (Omega) can leave the nicks and scratches and not polish the watch. Just want the movement serviced and the gaskets changed. 

Why I like the watch? Reliability, robust, dependable and having a little star on one of the lugs helps.... :)

Shot with Fuji X-E1 with 60mm Macro lens. 


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