Saturday, August 30, 2014

Time Capsule Canvas

I picked this up recently to transport my watches for service. What an excuse to get one. Anyway I got one from WotanCraft and it is a great watch case to carry one watch. Here is a short review of the case. 

The case that I got is this one, in red, reference SAC-004R. There are at the moment 2 colours, red and green. They are working on a leather version. 

The capsule is made of canvas with a rubber base. I have to say that it is well made and is very light and robust. 

It is a clamshell design and works well. I guess since it works for a clam, it should work for the case. The depression on the centre of the case works to reinforce the case.

The black marks you see along the edge is not wear but the rubber base showing thru. 

The bottom. 

There are a couple of nice touches in the design...

The Flottigilia MAS crest on the top of the case. 

The Wotanraft signed zipper. 

The inside of the case is well made and sufficiently padded. The material is soft and there is no shape edges. Your watch would not get scratched in the case. 

The crest is riveted to the case and the rivets ends are rounded nicely and again, no rough edge to scratch the watch. 

I tried the case with a number of watches and they sit well inside the case. It is designed with a small hump both on the lower and upper lids to hold the watch snug in place. 

40mm watch in place.

47mm watch in place. 

The watch case closed with the watch held snug. No rattle when closed. Nice. 

It is a well made watch case, light and simple. I like it. 

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