Friday, August 01, 2014

Zenith bracelet...

I was cleaning the bracelet from my Zenith El Primero Rainbow yesterday. The watch is now fitted with a leather strap. That itself is a unique learning experience. :) Anyway, unlike most watches, the Zenith bracelet is not fitted to the watch case via spring bars, but via pins and tubes. 

The Zenith bracelet. Note that it comes with two half links. I will disassemble the bracelet when I go back to Taiwan and rebuild to have equal number of links on both sides of the butterfly deployment. 

The end links...

The pin and tube that locks the end link in place. Or so I thought. 

There is an inner locking tube inside the tube. This locks the pin in-place. 

Closer view. The notch in the center of the pin with sit in the groove of the inner tube. How cool is that. Great attention to detail. 

Will post more about the bracelet once I strip down the bracelet (with better pics).

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