Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tudor Novelties 2014

Well, the Tudor 2014 releases are already in Taiwan. I had the opportunity to see some of them, both the Tudor Heritage Ranger and the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Blue. Did not take much pictures. 

I have always liked the Tudor Ranger but getting one was out of the question. Not only is it rare, but it is a mine field, one which I was not prepared to venture into. Basically I lack the knowledge to traverse such an interesting path. 

Anyway, fast forward to 2014 and Tudor decides to release the Heritage Ranger. Much excitement in me. Finally an opportunity to get another piece from Tudor history, minus all the worries. 

The Tudor Heritage Ranger. 

There are three strap options. The metal bracelet, the leather strap and the leather bund strap. I did not manage to take pictures of the bund version. The new Ranger has grown up, it is now 41 mm in diameter. Gone is the Ranger name at the 6 o'clock position. And the sweep seconds hand is now rendered in red and the lume plot is no longer rectangle.

Photograph: Tudor

I have to say while I like the watch and it is very nice, it did not sing to me. I hoped very much that I would like the watch, but sadly ..... I do like the steel bracelet. A nice take on the steel bracelets of old.

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