Saturday, February 20, 2016

Ice Watch....

This is not really a battery change entry but more on me looking at the differences between the two Ice Watch models. As luck would have it, both watches battery died at the same time. If you want to know more about changing batteries in an Ice Watch, this is a more appropriate entry:

This entry is more related to the different case back design of the two Ice Watches.

The translucent Ice Watch has a screw down case back as compared to the black which has a snap back case back design.

The screw down case back. Note the arrow to indicate lock and unlock.

Snap back case back. 

The tab to assist in opening the case back.

The tools, different tools for different case back design. 

The case back removed. 

The snap back case back. ICE CHINA....

The screw down case back. Lots more writings on the case back. The case back is also thicker and heavier. 

The inside of the the translucent ICE Watch. 

Need to be very careful as the gasket is just as translucent as the case. 

The battery spacer. Both watches share the same interior design and movement. 

The new batteries. 

Battery in...

Check working...

The same process for the this watch...

Don't forget to lubricate the gasket.

Insert the spacer/ battery holder.

I use Rodico to assist in screwing down the case back and to ensure I don't cross thread the case back. 

All done. 

I like the new case back design as compared to the snap back case back. I have nothing against snap back case back, but I guess I still prefer the screw down design. More positive perhaps. :)

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