Thursday, August 01, 2013

Yet another battery change....

Like they say, when it comes, it comes in droves.... 

The turn of my Ice Watch for a battery change.

The case back. You have to be careful because while there are the notches you normally find on a screw down case back...

Here is the trick. It is a snap back case back. 

Out with the right tool...

The removed case back. Well, aren't most things made there anyway?

The movement. It is a Miyota movement. The battery is held by the spacer cum battery holder thing.

Case back and the spacer. 

The movement and back of dial exposed. 

Now, the removal of the battery is not so easy. You need to push the lower bar (the one with the hole) away from the battery. The battery will then pop out. 

The movement minus the battery. 

The new battery. 

Installing the battery is easier. Just push it in. The long lever will move to allow the battery to go in. So I guess the tab on the spacer is just a back up to hold the battery in place. Cool.

Reassemble. Spacer back in. Yes, please check the watch is working before you start the reassembly. 

There is no need to lubricate the gasket on this watch as it uses the teflon type gasket (self lube). All done. 


  1. Very helpful to change the battery in my watch. Thanks.

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