Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hanging out...

As with anytime I am back in Malaysia, one of the places I like to hang out is Hing's Watch in BSC. I like the people there as they are good friends. Also I get to see and 'play' with what ever is new there. And as usual, I am not disappointed.

I was rather disappointed having missed a recent event hosted by Bell & Ross for members of the Malaysia Watch Forum, to showcase their 2013 novelties among others. However, I have to say that visiting my favourite haunt did some to overcome the disappointment. 

What I saw....

Me with my weakness for Bell & Ross....

The BR01-92 Heading Indicator. 

The BR01-92 Airspeed.

and The BR01-92 Climb.

Lovely. All three are limited edition pieces and is limited to 999 pieces each. I was so tempted by the BR01-92 Heading Indicator. 

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