Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Buckle review II

Another buckle review. This time, the buckle is made of Coral Rosewood. I have to say that the wood/ buckle has a very nice colour. I have matched it with the matte copper bolt/ tang from Maddog. As with the earlier buckles, this buckle is for 24mm wide straps. 

Closer view of the buckle. Very nice finish. Love the matte bronze bolt. 

The coral pattern makes the buckle unique. 

As with all buckles from, there is the tapering on the under side of the buckle. 

Little cracks adds character to the buckle, but does not compromise on the strength of the buckle. 

The hole to access the spring bar. 

The insides of the buckle, polished. 

This how the buckle looks like and sits when it is 'strapped on'. 

The strap sits comfortably on the taper. 

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