Friday, August 02, 2013

Awesome buckle...

I have to say that this is one of the most awesome buckle that I have seen. I got this buckle from Fine Watch Buckle in Germany, along with many exotic non-metal watch buckles (review coming). The buckle itself is made by maddog-straps and is called the Mokume Gane Buckle and the tang, or bolt as it is called, is a Damask bolt (or Damascus bolt). 

Here is the buckle and bolt (and attaching screw).

The Damask bolt. 

A bit about Mokume-gane. It is a mixed-metal laminate with very distinct layers in its construction. It is Japanese (?) for burl metal and it is borrowed from one form of forging swords or edged weapons.  

Damask steel or damascus steel is a type of steel used in sword making. It is created from wootz steel and it is characterized by very distinctive patterns of banding and mottling, much like flowing water.

You can see the lovely pattern or layering on the bottom of buckle and the side of the bolt.

Again the top side of the buckle and the tang/ bolt. 

A mokume-gane bolt. 

The layering on the bolt, as viewed from the top. 

Matching to the buckle. 

A brass/ copper bolt. This has a matte finish.

Fitted on the buckle. 

Viewed from the bottom. The bottom part of the buckle is tapered where the strap sits, making it a very comfortable wear as the strap will not be riding high on the buckle. You will see this in later photographs.

Just love the layering on the buckle. The buckle is very well made, with no sharp edges.

The buckle fitted on a shark strap.

Fitted on a dark brown strap. 

The buckle on a shark strap, worn on the wrist. Very comfortable. The way the buckle sits on the strap, prevents the buckle from snagging on anything. 

You can just see how the 'slope' on the bottom of the buckle makes the buckle sit low on the strap. This slope also prevents the buckle from 'cutting' into the strap, leaving a line on the strap.

Very matching, the buckle on the black shark strap. 

Fitted to a brown calf strap. Just as comfortable. 

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