Sunday, August 25, 2013

PAM Mook...

I ordered this Mook (Magazine bOOK) about a week ago. Finally picked it up today. Happy and surprised. Happy because I got a copy and surprised because of the Mook itself. What am I talking about? The Mook, Panerai, Complete PAM Numbers. I expected it be typical mook, large but thin. This is small and thick, 353 pages thick. 

Panerai Complete PAM Numbers
ISBN: 978-4-418-13222-5

You can order this mook at your local Japanese book store (If you have one). I ordered mine from Kinokuniya. The Mook itself is not bad, not complete but not bad. There are a number of sections in the Mook, the main one being the list of Panerai watches issued between 1997 to 2013. There are sections covering straps, vintage pieces and even a section on Panerai's history. Makes a handy reference guide. 

The Mook....

Back cover.

What is inside.

A bit about the history of Panerai.


Vintage models. 

Overall not a bad Mook and attempt. It is not complete, some models are not there like the PAM00390. It is also in Japanese but as a simple go to guide, it does what is required. It retails for about NTD 1,500 or about USD 50. 

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