Friday, August 09, 2013

Ammiraglio Mk II

Picked this up the other day. The Ammiraglio Mk. II watch box from Wotancraft. This is the second Ammiraglio watch box, the first run of 100 units sold out. And trust me, there is not many left in this second generation (of 100 units).

The Ammiraglio Mk. II.... Unboxing.

Well protected.

The Ammiraglio comes in at 25x25x11 cm. It is not a small box.

Marina Militare.

The X Flottiglia M.A.S. on the quick release buckle. Well made and easy to use.

The box features an all wooden interior lined with microfiber cloth to prevent scratches. The box is design for 6 watches.

Each box is personalised with its own limited edition number.

 The interior can be removed to reveal a lower layer.

The lower layer, a perfect place for those extra straps and tools.

As with any Wotancraft product, the overall build is just great. I believe the exterior is made of aluminium. The exterior has been 'aged' to make it look worn and used. 

By Wotancraft. 

The box retails for USD 449 and you can find more information here:

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