Saturday, August 31, 2013

Buckle Review IV

This has to be one of the most interesting buckle strap combination that I have ever reviewed. The buckle is made of Goldfield Curled Spot which I believe comes from goldfields of Western Australia. The burls forms on the sides of hardwood trees, in this case the eucalyptus trees. The burls have a light brown colouring and fantastic grain pattern. You can see this on the buckle. have decided not to trim the edges of the burl and the buckle has a unique look to it. I can only think of one strap that will match the buckle, and it is from D8Bworld. The combination is just made for each other. 

The buckle, matched with a Damask steel bolt from Maddog and strap from D8Bworld. 

The buckle is interesting indeed. 

The grain on the buckle is just beautiful. I like it. The buckle measures 24 mm (strap attachment). As with other buckles from, it is well made with a beautiful finish. 

The tapering on the back. 

Closer view of the back of the buckle. I like the grain. 

The unique 'unfinish' top edge of the buckle. It does add character to the buckle. 

The D8Bworld strap. The floating keeper, the stitching finish in the shape of a flame. Why? Read on...

Hand made strap, in dark burgundy. Well made strap indeed. 

Now you can understand why I said the buckle matches the strap to a T. The strap is the Wu Xing Fire strap. Wu Xing is of course the Five Elements in Chinese and describe the state in nature. Fire is of course the second element in Wu Xing. The other elements are wood, earth, metal and water (in that sequence). 

Wu Xing Fire marked on the strap. 

The cut of the strap is in the shape of flames. 

My Strap Test Dummy fitted out with the strap and buckle. 

One would expect the strap and buckle combination to be uncomfortable. On the contrary, it is pretty comfortable and the buckle does not 'cut' my wrist at all. The curve of the buckle flows with the curve of the thumb. 

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