Thursday, August 01, 2013

Battery change, CWC W10

The battery on my CWC W10 watch has finally given up. I somehow suspect, a number of my quartz watches will be facing battery change around this time period. Lots of battery change post expected.....

Anyway, back to my CWC W10. The strap has been removed. 

The case back. The battery compartment at the 12 o'clock position. Easy to open, use a coin.

The battery. The watch is powered by a 357 Silver Oxide battery. 

The battery, also known as D357H battery.

Sadly, my watch guy did not have 357 battery in stock. The 357 is also known as the SR44 battery. The equivalent replacement is the LR44 battery. It is not a 100 percent compatible as the SR44 silver Oxide battery which has a longer shelf life span and better performance. Basically, for a watch powered with a SR44 battery, may have a performance degradation with the use of the LR44 battery. As such, the use of the LR44 on this watch is temporary until my watch guy can get new stock of SR44 battery.

The new battery in the battery compartment. Check the watch is working before you close the battery compartment. 

The cover with the rubber gasket. Don't forget to lubricate the gasket. 

The watch, all done. Working again. 

The watch with a green canvas strap. 

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