Saturday, August 24, 2013

Trintec Zulu-05 GMT

More experiments and learning process in watch photography. I have decided to use the Nikon D300 as the main camera for watch photography. As such, I am experimenting with the settings and setup. 

This time it it the turn of the Trintec Zulu-05 GMT watch. The watch is manufactured by Trintec, a Canadian company specialising in watches and clocks which are based on aircraft cockpit instruments. 

The Trintec Zulu-05 GMT watch.

A simple 4 hands watch, powered by a quartz movement. 

Interesting case design, PVD black coated.

The markers and hands are luminous. 

Love the orange 24 hours (GMT) hand. 

24 hour markings on the rehaut.

Allen key bolts for the strap.

Well made case and finishing.

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