Thursday, August 29, 2013

Photography... a learning process

Now that I have decided the Nikon to be the camera that I will be using to take watch photographs, it is time I start learning how to use it properly. Experiment with all the settings and setup. 

This is the latest experiment. The subject is the Marathon JSAR or Jumbo SAR (Search And Rescue) or LGP (Le Grande Plongeur). This watch was issued in 2007. It has been modified from quartz powered to running an automatic movement. 

The Marathon JSAR.

A massive watch at 47 mm diameter, 55 mm lug to lug and 17 mm thick. 

Knurled screw down crown. Large and easy to use. 

Lug holes..... :)

I like this watch.

Basically it is all dial. 

Some black and white attempts....

Shot with Nikon D300, 60 mm micro lens. 


  1. Such a beautiful watch deserves a mechanical movement - well done!

    I like you background = my buckles. Thank you for revieweing my buckles from

    best regards,

    1. Hi Ingo,

      Welcome to the blog. You are most welcome on the review of the buckles. They are very nice indeed.

      Best regards,


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