Friday, February 05, 2016


I never thought that I would be able to lay my eyes on this, but as luck would have it....

Yes, the Seiko SCED035 or the reissue of the watch Ellen Ripley wore in Aliens. The SCED035 is a reissue of the original, reference 7A28-7000. The watch was design by Giugiaro. The watch was issued in 1983.

There are 5 models that makes up the reissue and all are Limited Edition. The models are..

Seiko SCED035. Limited Edition 3,000 pieces.

Seiko SCED037. Limited Edition 3,000 pieces.

Seiko SCED039. Limited Edition 2,000 pieces. 

Seiko SCED041. Limited Edition 2,000 pieces.

Seiko SCED043. Limited Edition 2,000 pieces. 

Photographs: Seiko

All the watches share the same basic specifications: 

Movement: Seiko Quartz 7T12 Chronograph module
Water Resistant: 10ATM
Size: 42.2x41.8x10.8mm

The Seiko SCED035.

Now if only I can get to see the SCED0003 or the Bishop. Limited Edition 500 pieces. 


More about the SCED035 soon...

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