Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Bracelet adjustment

The Tudor Heritage Chrono is one of the watches from Tudor that I really like. And I have to say one of the best reissue from Tudor. I had one, the same one as the watch below. I like the black dial version as compared to the more popular gray version. 

Most people know of the Tudor Monte Carlo Home Plate from the advertisement below and hence the popularity of the gray dial Heritage Chrono. 

Photograph: Shamelessly borrowed from the Internet

Most people are unaware that there was a black dial version. But this is where it gets interesting. Tudor folklore says that there were less then a dozen black dial 7031/7032/7033 (7033 being a prototype) issued and there are some who believe that the black dial is a service dial. 

Photograph: Tudor

The 7033. It was never issued and is the base on which the Heritage Chrono is based on.

Anyway on to the topic of this post. The owner of the watch needed to add a link to the bracelet. So I helped him.

The watch, ready for adjustment. Note the link is at its most extreme pint on the clasp. There is no more adjustment to be had. 

The extra links.

Make sure you choose the right screwdriver. Make sure the blade is not too thin or fat. 

Unscrew the link retaining screw.

Don't lose the screw.

The new (old?) link. :)

Reattach all the links and fasten the screws. You can put tape on the edge of the links to prevent damage in case the screw driver slips.

All done. Now on to the last step. Adjusting the overall length of the bracelet.

Disconnect the bracelet from the clasp and put it into the first adjustment hole. 

The adjustment is all done and the owner is happy.

And we are all done.

I like the attention to detail that Tudor put into the watch. You can see the dimple on the tip of the spring bars. This prevents the tool from slipping and damaging the clasp.

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