Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Tudor Black Bay Bronze and.....

It looks like the Tudor Black Bay Bronze is a sure thing what with the number of photographs appearing on the Internet and also this from Tudor Watch Instagram page...

The watch is 43mm in diameter, 2mm larger then the current Black Bay models. Gone is the 'smiling' face legends at 6 and the Rose logo. A new dial. And best of all, the watch is powered by Tudor in-house movement. 

But today, Tudor gave us a curve ball. How? Well....

Tudor Black Bay Black PVD. 

A real curve ball indeed. The watch is 41mm, powered by Tudor in-house movement (likely) and like the bronze, it no longer spots the Rose logo and the smiling face. Unlike the bronze it does not have the new 3,6,9 dial but the dial of the current model. It does not have the gilt dial of the Black Bay Black and the depth rating is in red. Nice touch. 

So with the introduction of the bronze and the PVD, where or what will happen to the current collection?

Photographs: Tudor

We can only wait and see. Will the current models be fitted with Tudor in-house movement? Will they be discontinued? Will they be retrofitted with the new dials? Time will tell....


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