Thursday, March 31, 2016


A new watch company (well not really new) with an interesting concept...

This is their introduction about themselves...

"Undone is a team of experienced watch design veterans and craftsmen.

As a group of challengers and innovators, we are enabling everyone to create watches that reflects their individuality. 

Every Undone watch is a unique message, something important that deserves to be on your wrist everyday.

Be part of the movement to create watches that represents you, because individuality matters!"

Yes, you can create (basically) your own watch. How is that for something different. You can personalize the watch case, the bezel, the dial and even the hands. They even offer a choice of leather or rubber straps. You can even personalize the case back with your own artwork, photographs or message. Best of all, all these customization are carried out in their own atelier. 

And if you don't really want to customize.. they offer ready made watches. 

Some of their offerings...

Photographs: Undone

For more information:

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