Sunday, October 02, 2011

The collection grows (somewhat)

My collection is slowly being streamlined. Watches going out and some coming in. I am trying to focus more and more on watches I like and will use and have some wrist time. The brand that will form the core of my collection is Panerai.

At the moment, as the Panerai collection stands. The new boy being the PAM00337, the first manufacture movement in the collection. 

A year ago I wrote about the Panerai PAM00072. Here is the article:

It has been a year and I was lucky enough to be able to try on the PAM00072 and the PAM00074. I wanted to get the PAM00072 but it was a bit expensive. I went home to think about it. I could not justify the price of the watch, even though I like it. I could get the PAM00074, which is the same watch as the PAM00072 minus the steel/ titanium bracelet. But there were minor issues with the PAM00074, so it was not in the line of sight. 

The next day I went to my friend's place and had a look at the watches again. As luck would have it, he showed me another watch. Which watch was it? 

This one.

Yes the PAM00092, the Luminor Arktos, SE 2004. I was like, Wow!!!! Really. Had a good look at the watch. It was LNIB. The only thing missing was the polishing cloth and the outer brown box. Not an issue. My first proper SE. Best part, it comes with a blue SE box instead of the normal SE Pear wood box. 

And yes, that is the watch in the lume shot yesterday. Picked up the watch and stopped at Wotancraft for the Black Swiss Ammo strap you see in the photographs. 

An awesome case back. 

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