Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rotation, homage month

Well, the next few months will be a busy time for me as I will be moving about. As such, most of my watches have been put into cold storage. :( 

That leaves me with these watches that will be my rotation in the coming months. Looks like it will be a homage month for me. :)

MKII Stingray 50. This is a homage to the BP FF of the 50s. I do like this watch.

This was a surprise. I had a 'Benrus' reissue that I got in Japan, but I sold it off as the Tritium dials on the hands bothered me. Later while perusing one of the forums I frequent, I spotted this watch and ordered one. Was not suppose to get the watch until March, but a pleasant surprise that they manage to deliver it earlier. In fact, it was waiting for me when I got back from Chinese New Year holidays.

This is the DR Vietnam Type 1 Special Forces watch from drcustomwatch. It is a more accurate homage to the Benrus Type 1 Military watch. I like this watch.

Finally this watch. An unknown reissue. Evidently there is little information on this watch. Anyway it is a homage to the Seikosha Kamikaze watch from WWII. I like this watch as well.

The boys together...

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