Friday, April 11, 2014

Richard Hammond...

I was watching one of my favourite shows when I spotted this watch on the wrist of one of the presenter of Top Gear, Richard Hammond. This is from their Middle East Special. 

You can see that the watch is an Oris, but I am not very sure of the model...

After closer inspection, I believe the watch is the Oris Williams F1 Team Day Date PVD watch. The reference is 635 7560 4754 RS. The interesting aspect of the watch is that there seems to be two versions of the watch.  One with the 'Williams' on the dial, just below the Oris name and the other just says 'Automatic'. 

The one with 'automatic'. This is the one that Richard Hammond wears. 

Photograph: Oris

Richard Hammond has been spotted wearing this watch on a couple of their adventures. Cool....

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