Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rolex Sea Dweller

I have been most fortunate to be able to see some of the different models in the Sea Dweller history recently. It started with the Sea Dweller reference 1665 Double Red. The watch was from 1971. Sadly I did not take a picture of the watch. Actually it was pretty silly of me for not taking a family  photograph.

Then I saw this..... the Great White reference 1665... I like this watch a lot. Not as much as the Double Red, but it is more affordable (really?).... Love the patina.....

Closer view of the watch face....

Sadly there were no reference 16660 for me to 'play' with. 

Anyway the new reference 116600 was there and here is a photo of my watch coupled with the 116600. The watches, side by side. The 116600 does look bigger, courtesy of the new 'fat' case. I am pretty happy that Rolex brought back the Sea Dweller. Somehow the reference 116660 never 'sang' to me. 

So what changed? Matte dial (lovely), ceramic bezel with Cerachrom insert, Chromalight for hands and hour markers (maxi dial and hands) and the much improved bracelet. The new bracelet features the Glidelock extension system and a flip lock extension link. 

Would I get the reference 116600? No, just because I have the reference 16600. It is very tempting though... :) For those who do not have the Sea Dweller.......

Looking at the Sea Dwellers models above, sometimes I am tempted to change and refine my collection and just focus on the Rolex Sea Dweller. It is after all my favourite Rolex watch (other then the ref 1675). 

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