Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Chrono Time off to service..

I finally got round sending my Tudor Chrono Time, reference 79280P for a service. I got this watch pre-loved and as with most watches that I get pre-loved, I will send them in for a service. This is basically because I don't know the service history of the watch and also to have the watch check for authenticity. 

The reference 79280P...

Since I was at the service center, I checked if I could get the steel bracelet for the watch. They had the reference 62490 in stock. This is the Jubilee version. The Oyster version is reference 78400. Back to the bracelet reference 62490. There are two versions, one with the fliplock and the other without the fliplock. I ordered the version without the fliplock. Price? USD 440 for the version without the fliplock and USD 525 for the version with. Cool.

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