Saturday, December 22, 2018

Tudor collection...

My Tudor collection or what it use to be....

Well this 7016 is still with me. All original period correct parts. I should look for a bracelet for the watch.:)

Closest I got to an original Ranger. 

Modern Ranger. 

Was looking to complete the set of 79xxxS trio. I guess not. 

I actually had this watch twice. Bought and sold and bought and sold again. Best part? First one had punched papers and second has the more modern card type papers. 

First modern Tudor. I like this watch.

The Black Bay twins. Last of the ETA powered Black Bay models.

The Pelagos twin. One ETA, the other in-house. One left, the other right. 


  1. The 7016 is a stunner. And I would hold on to the ETA-powered Black Bays, as I read that they weren’t produced for very long before Tudor brought out their own calibre. I love the modern Ranger Heritage, but at 41mm, it would be too big for my 6.5 inch wrist. But if Tudor ever releases a 38mm (or even better, a 36mm). version, I’ll be in trouble. Very nice collection you have there. I’ve long been an Omega collector, but I’m much preferring what Tudor are releasing these days. Next up for me is a Black Bay Fifty-Eight. Hopefully some time in 2019.

  2. Hi teeritz,

    You never know what Tudor will launch in the future. It did release a smaller Black Bay. They could do the same with the Ranger. All the best with the hunt.